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HOU : Recs for Indo-Chinese, butcher, fresh goat meat?

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Recently moved to Houston after being deprived of culinary fineness/options for a few years.

I'm looking for recs for Indo-Chinese food (I'm from Calcutta/Kolkata so I have a decent idea of what great Indo-Chinese is supposed to taste like). Have seen a few places on Hillcroft, but was wondering if there any gems hidden away in places like Sugarland?

Also need to find a butcher for cuts like loin back ribs, pork chops etc. Picked up some goat meat from Al Aqsa on Hillcroft - looked OK but have not cooked it yet. Any recs for halal butchers in the area would be appreciated (I know - halal and pork don't mix so I'm not looking for the same shop to have both).

Thanks in advance!

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