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Sep 11, 2009 04:45 PM

Elevated Cajun Cuisine?

Hey, it's my girlfriends birthday this month and we were supposed to go to New Orleans to celebrate but things came up and that didn't work out. She was really bummed. So, I was going to take her out for a cajun night but I can't seem to find any higher end restaurants in the LA area that do some type of cajun food. Does anyone know of any nicer restaurants that serve a cajun style dish? Redfish, Jambalaya, Gumbo, anything with Andoilie sausage or crawfish?


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  1. New Orleans in Hermosa Beach is very good. She imports all her seafood from N.O. .

    New Orleans Cajun Cafe
    140 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

    1. I hanen't been for a few years but the only place that I can think of is Harold and Belle's Restaurant in L.A.
      'Link to a place' still not working!


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        It's working. It is just very, very exacting when it comes to the name (no Google "did you mean?" with place link - that's for sure).

        Harold & Belle's Restaurant
        2920 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

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          The second time I tried to 'Link' to H & B I corrected my spelling but used 'and' not the '&' symbol.
          Anyway, thanks for adding the link. Just wish I could edit it to add their website etc. I know, I have a lot of complaints today!

      2. not as good as new orleans - but pretty good:

        also, i've never been - but there's a Brennan's-owned restaurant in downtown disney (which could be fun for a birthday):

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          We were at the Jazz Kitchen last month for a lunch break while at Disneyland - it's better than we expected. Nice space but most of the servers are pretty young.

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            Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen is fun, the bartenders are reliably smartass and talented with liquor, and the food is quite good. I wouldn't hesitate to go there for a special occasion. Leave room for dessert; last I recall, they have some pretty yummy sweets there.

            I'm Cajun but I'm not doctrinaire about the cuisine; put two Cajun cooks together (say, my Cajun/Creole mom and my 100% Cajun Aunt Jan) and between the two you'll find about 20 different ways to make a given dish, along with another 16 Ladies' Auxiliary cookbooks with another 20 recipes each. It will always taste different than what my mom cooks, and I've learned to accept it.

            The Cajun craze in the US is long over, so you're damn lucky to have anyplace in the region serving anything approaching a "real" jambalaya or gumbo. Even if the restaurant itself is a "Disney-fied" version of a New Orleans classic....