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Sep 11, 2009 04:34 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta

I have little experience with Atlanta but I will be going there on Thanksgiving Day. I land about noon. My son just started graduate school at GT. I would like the three of us to have a memorable, classic Atlanta Thanksgiving. Any suggestions on this would be welcome. We will be staying in Midtown.

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  1. The Blue River Inn serves a nice traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. The Sundial serves Thanksgiving Dinner with a spectacular view. Unfortunately, the Sundial might be closed this Thanksgiving for renovations. Local-Restaurants.Net provides a list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta. They don't have much detail right now, but they usually have a lot more information as Thanksgiving approaches. Here is their Atlanta Thanksgiving Dinner Link:

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      Thanks for your help. I am often accused of being well=planned but, when I go to plan in advance, it seems that I am too far ahead in my thinking. As Thanksgivng approaches, I will definitely check out the website and see what the family thinks.