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Sep 11, 2009 03:55 PM

Palm Springs - HELP!

We will be visiting Palm Springs for the first time in October and I'm looking for some guidance on GREAT places for dinner. We're open to any type of cuisine, but will prefer a high-end experience. Price is a non-issue. I know absolutely nothing about the dining scene there and need your help!

What's the best of the best in Palm Springs?


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  1. There is an absolutely wonderful restaurant in Palm Springs called "Johannes". The chef is Austrian and there are items on the menu that are Austrian/German, as well as other things. Please don't let the idea of stereotypical Germanic "heavy food" scare you away. He has a wienerschnitzel to die for as well beautifully prepared fish and fowl and beef dishes. The ahi tuna and avocado tartare is amazing. My husband and I have been there at least three times. We've also suggested it to a few friends who have also come away raving about it. I highly recommend it. If you google the restaurant you can check out his menu and other information about the restaurant and the chef. You won't be disappointed.

    Another place we recommend is a restaurant in Palm Desert called Ristorante Mamma Gina. Its obviously Italian but very high end and so delicious. I had an appetizer there a few years ago that I still dream about... their Carpaccio di Bue, thinly sliced beef carpaccio, topped with arugula, shaved parmesan, and sprinkled with a lemony olive oil. Carpaccio is a favorite of mine and I've ordered it many times over the years. This was one of the very best I've ever experienced. I will say that we went back there last year and I ordered it again. It was still very good but not like that first time. Still, I highly recommend the restaurant. The service is wonderful and very attentive too. My husband couldn't decide between 2 entrees and asked the waiter to recommend which of the two to have. He suggested that he get half of one and half of the other which delighted us, and truly impressed us. They seemed to go out of their way to make it a very enjoyable experience. Have fun deciding where to eat! Hope you enjoy your stay in Palm Springs! It should be absolutely beautiful in October and not too hot.

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      Defiantly go to Johannes, it is always one of our favorites. Another nice “romantic” dining experience is Copley’s. For a casual atmosphere but outstanding food I still say Zin is one of the best and their new café, Zini Café Med is great as well with the Tapas menu being like nothing else in Palm Springs.

    2. I'll give a shout out for Le Vellauris. It's "old Palm Springs" haute cuisine. Excellent service, large menu and a wine list that will appeal to every palate.

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        My wife and I are going to Palm Springs for my birthday in October. It will be my first time there. We have reservations at Le Vellauris . The restaurant looks beautiful, the menu looks like old school French, and I hope it delivers.

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          I hope that you won't be disappointed, also. My wife and I went there in March as part of our blowout, "gotta get out of town" weekend. We enjoyed it very much, as it is a "throwback" to earlier days of restaurant dining. Give us a report back either way.


      2. Everyone repeats the same old places. Following is a list of the best new restaurants in PSP.
        I agree with most of them but think Dink's is overpriced for what you get.

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          I was glad to see Picanha Churrascaria Brazilian Grill on the list. We are going there the night before Le Vellauris.

        2. Davies Hideaway ... Old school PS.. great drinks & dinners.

          1. Roy's in Rancho Mirage never disapoints!