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Sep 11, 2009 03:46 PM

3 nights in New Haven, want seafood!

Hi all,

I'll be doing a business trip to the New Haven area, and want to find some really good, moderately priced, not fancy, picnic table and brown paper is fine, down home seafood spots. Love clams, oysters, lobster, you name it. On the water is even better. I'll be there next week, sept 14 to 17. thanks.

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  1. If you have a car, drive north to exit 64 on 95 to Lenny & Joe's(they have 2 locations, I prefer the Westbrook, in part b/c they offer oysters) - we are vacationing in the Cape now, and L&J is comparable to what we get here- in the case of the fried scallops, even better IMHO. In Clinton, Lobster Landing has no frills great lobster rolls.


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      Agree on this rec, if you do have the time go to westbrook but if you don't the more casual Madison Location (exit 62) is good too.

      My faves are the fried sea scallops, Clam & Fish (no one else seems to fry their fish as good), boiled salted potatoes and the fried zucchini (only at westbrook)

      Oh yes steamers if available too.

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        +2 all the way re both Lenny & Joe's and Lobster Landing. Terrific advice that will give the OP exactly what he asked for. L&J's fried scallops are a favorite of mine. See here--the link after this post has a picture that'll sell you on L&J's right quick!

      2. If you want a good raw bar chowder pot in branford right off exit 56, and happy hour raw bar and apps 50% off cant beat that deal!

        1. You'll have to drive -- there are many good places to eat in New Haven, but none of the sort of thing you're looking for.

          Please don't go to ChowderPot, a place that will not leave you with a good memory of our area's seafood places (or with a good taste in your mouth).

          Lenny & Joe's in Westbrook is just what you're looking for, but somewhat closer to town (get off I-95 at exit 53 and follow route 146 to the shore) is Lennie's Indian Head (no relation to the L of L&J's). Other options abound along the shoreline, including Guilford Mooring at the dock in Guilford, and several places in Clinton, Westbrook, and Old Saybrook. In the other direction, there are also said to be good choices in the Milford area, but someone else will have to advise you there.

          There are several recent threads on this board (look for "clams", "Lobster rolls" and the like) that will provide much more information than you really want.

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          1. re: linguist

            Whats wrong with chowder pots raw bar?

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              fyi last time i was at lenny and joes a skunk decided to walk up to our table, do i say the place wont leave a good memory? I told my kids stay away and we moved until the skunk left. I dont judge it by what happens around me just on what i came there for good food. Chowder Pots raw bar is the freshest seafood around. Never ate in the restaurant was giving an opinion on raw bar. Sorry to see such negative opinions and not give a reason for them. If you have a better choice for a raw bar please let me know i would love to try.

              1. re: juicemann2

                Another reason to go to the Westbrook location- dining is inside- and they have a great raw bar, too- we had delicious oysters. In the 2 times I tried Chowder Pot for dinner, I was not impressed. JMHO

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                Sorry not to have responded sooner to this - I've been away (in Cyprus, enjoying real Greek food, not to be found around here, and Turkish, which is).

                Chowder Pot can serve you raw clams and oysters on the half shell, fresh enough, but hardly unique (as Scargod points out below, lots of places around here have raw seafood: even First and Last Tavern in Guilford can do as good a job as CP III, IMO). My comment was based on the restaurant as a whole, where most of the food is poorly cooked, seasoned, presented and served. And the overall ambience would not be conducive to enjoying the food, if the food itself were worth enjoying.

                Obviously this is a personal judgment -- you may like the kind of music they play, or what seems to me a thoroughly fake and kitschy atmosphere (but may not to you). I went to this place a lot when I first moved to the area, and it was the only seafood place I knew of, but I really never liked it, and now that I know there are lots better....

                Again, if you like the atmosphere and all you want is the raw bar stuff, fine, go there. But if you want "down home seafood" as the OP put it, go someplace less ersatz, I think.

            2. See the Lobster Shack in Branford post. Great seafood spot.

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                Stowe's in West Haven, great food and directly across the street from the beach.

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                  Stowe's does not get enough love on CH, but it's cute, cheap, convenient to New Haven and tasty. And they close promptly at 7 PM, 6 on Sundays.

              2. I would suggest Pacifico. It's not that expensive. Lots of the restaurants in town have seafood and oysters on the half-shell. The best whole-bellied clams I've ever had, while not much more money than anywhere else, came from fancy -smantzy Heirloom!