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Sep 11, 2009 03:26 PM

NFL And Breakfast In The Valley

Anyone know of a place that serves breakfast/brunch and shows NFL games Sundays in the Valley? Want to watch my team, but don't necessarily want bar food at 10am. The closer to Studio City, the better.

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  1. I presume, then, you mean you don't want to go to Big Wangs. or Hooters.

    So ... they will play sports programs on the tv in the bar at Chez Nous if you ask them to turn it on. The tv is viewable from many tables but it is a smallish tv, not widescreen. And I don't think they have any special packages though, just normal espn, etc.

    Robano's in Toluca Lake on Riverside Drive has brunch and big screens. And outdoor seating. And NFL package. Unfortunately, the food is barely passable.

    Big Mo's in Toluca Lake on Riverside has a couple -- two -- screens in the front area and has an all you can drink champagne Sunday brunch. I would call and ask what they plan to have on, though, because it's usually LA teams and I, as a Red Sox fan, could never get them to change it.

    Paty's in Toluca Lake on Riverside is open from 6a+, has a screen and they will happily play a sports game. I heard they added another screen but I think it's still just one. So you'd need to ask/lobby.

    Jillian's up at Universal City Walk is open at 10a I believe. But it's mostly bar food. You could try the Hard Rock there, also.

    1. I think the Studio Cafe on the corner of Ventura Blvd. and Colfax Ave. has a few televisions. They have lots of breakfast choices - not sure about brunch.

      Studio Cafe
      4000 Colfax Ave.
      Studio City 91604