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Sep 11, 2009 03:06 PM

Rainbow Trout Appetizer

I plan on pan searing then quickly roasting rainbow trout. Anyone have some thoughts on how to serve it as an appetizer, maybe on bruschetta type of app?

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  1. I used to work in a fishing camp as a cook. I have poached the trout than remove the bone , the skin, than assembled the fish back on the platter than I cut very thin slices of cucumber and made scale all over the fish. Served it with different sauces and some crackers. It looks absolutely beautiful.

    1. Carefully de-boned, roll pieces of the trout into elongated round log shapes and either wrap with butcher's twine or skewer with toothpicks. Apply any sherbs/spices, breading, etc. you have in mind. Sear them quickly then transfer to a roasting pan to finish. Blanch some radicchio leaves and cut them just large enough to wrap the fish "logs", remove the twine/toothpick(s) and wrap the fish in the radicchio, skewer for final presentation after salting to taste (or make salt dishes available so that guests can salt to individual taste) serve with a quality Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc .
      Be sure to blanch the radicchio to reduce its bitterness, and avoid the heavier bitter portions of the leaves. The salt will mask some of the bitterness also.
      If you're stuck for selecting herbs/spices, rosemary, thyme and garlic will work nicely.

      1. The pan searing will remove some, but not all, of the skin. Some eat the skin, some don't, but that's a different subject. You want to handle/move the fish as few times as necessary to enable the perfect deboned fish, as TDEL describes. todao's suggestion sounds delicious, but for 'herbing and spicing', I would scratch the garlic (trout is a delicate flavor) and substitute dill.
        You can also serve the trout chilled, in many ways.

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          I love trout with apples....maybe an apple slaw with some trout on top. Or served on thin potaoes.

        2. Maybe seared with cajun seasoning, on top of a square of firm chive polenta....

          Are you thinking of something that involves self-assembly by guests or individual pieces that are pre-assembled?