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Sep 11, 2009 03:05 PM

Staying in 1st arr. Any recommendations?

Staying at the Park Hyatt Vendome Sep 21-24. Any thoughts for non-haute places in the area?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. 1) Walk up to and cross rue de l'Opera; catch the #20 bus on 4 Septembre to its Sentier stop. Cross the street (rue Reaumur at that point) and walk 25 yards up rue Petit Carreaux to rue Nil. Frenchie is #11. Highly recommended.

      2) Walk south on rue de la Paix, through the Place Vendome, to rue Mont Thaber. Walk left to Le Souffle at # 35 or l'Ardoise at #28, rue Mont Thaber.

      3) Take any of the southbound buses on rue de l'Opera to Palais Royale. Turn right onto rue St. Honore. Vin et Maree for seafood at #165 or Le Dauphin at #167.

      1. As the previous poster did, walk towards the Tuileries and turn left on F St Honore, go about 800-900 yards until you hit Rue Prouvaire in Les Halles, turn left for 30 feet and you have Chez Denise, a wonderful traditional bistro that is loud and great fun in addition to great food. Phone is 01 42 36 21 82

        1. Au Gourmand -- rue Moliere. It is reasonably prices, a wonderful atmosphere and very tasty.

          1. L'Ardoise - absolutely 34 euros for 3 course set menu. Went with a friend on Saturday night and had a delicious meal there:- main course of cod and girolles was absolutely gorgeous and came with a very light sauce of cream and chives. Total pig and licked the plate clean with my fingers. Nectarine soup for pudding was also very delicious and refreshing too. The friend I was with had a mussel veloute, then a casserole of merlu and langoustine is a light fennel/tomato sauce and a minestrone of fruit for pudding. Some canadians sitting next door said their dinner at L'Ardoise was the best in their trip to France.

            Also in the 1er try try the Auberge St Roch in the Rue St Roch very tiny, loads of character lunch of 23 euros for 3 courses for lunch (4 euros extra for dinner) - very simple langoustine and rocket salad to start for me followed by the plat du jour of monkfish with red peppers and tagliatelle. No room for pud. My friend had snails in a cream sauce and some john dory. Absolutely perfect v delicious and reasonable.