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Dec 17, 2004 07:54 PM

How's "The Golden Lion" Prime Rib Roast???

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In How's current ad they are featuring "The Golden Lion" prime rib roast.

Is that just a regular rib roast? {It is $5.99/lb WITH $35 purchase (or $7.99 w/o). Limit one per customer.}

It that roast so much better than a Costo rib roast to warrant a drive from OC to Pasadena IYO?

Any other suggestions?

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  1. According to the ad, they get a Prime rib roast, take off the ribs, trim the fat, then tie the ribs back on. That make it a "Golden Lion" prime rib roast.

    To answer your question, well, it IS USDA Prime at How's, vs USDA Choice at Costco (USDA Select < USDA Choice < USDA Prime). I believe How's is also cheaper per pound than Costco, if you can get it at $5.99/lb. Whether it's worth it to you, that's difficult to say. If I lived in OC, I wouldn't go, unless there was other errands to run in LA county. Note there is a How's in Torrance, if that makes it closer to you.

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      I bought some steaks at Costco a few months ago and I was disappointed. They were nice and tender but not at all flavorful. I've not shopped and How's but I've heard only good things about their meat.

    2. Go to HOWS...it's worth it. Every meat item I've purchased has been fantastic. If you call in advance they'll cut whatever size you want, up to a full 30# if you'd like. You can also buy the whole roast and cut it into steaks and freeze them for later and get several uses out of it.

      We served one last year at Xmas and it was really a nice treat.

      1. There is a Hows in Redondo, on 190th near Inglewood, I believe.

        1. You get more lean meat when you buy a "Golden Lion" Prime Rib Roast because Hows Markets trims off much of the fat. And the roast is USDA Prime while the roast at Costco is USDA Choice.

          1. Does How's have a website? If so, please provide. There was a market with great meat that was written about here some time ago, but I can't find the thread. Please help

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