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Sep 11, 2009 02:20 PM

Johns Roast Pork

Is Johns still only open during the week???
Also, how is the new Rick's location????

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  1. John's has the same hours as always, weekdays only. I think the grill shuts off at 2:30? And you get can pork for a little bit after that.

    I stopped at Rick's a couple weeks after the Bellevue location opened. I had an American with. A good, solid sandwich but not elite. For Center City, though, a very good steak, especially considering it's in a fancy food court in a fancy building.

    1. I've been out of the loop, how is John doing with his health? I always thought it was ironic that a pork place has the best cheesessteak in Philly.

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        Just heard John is doing pretty well and has been at work to fill-in occassionally. Hoping for clearance to return in a couple months, but it's a day by day thing.