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Sep 11, 2009 02:14 PM

Orlando Magical Dining recs?

My husband and I will be in Orlando in a week, and we might have a free night. Are there any places on this list we need to try, or some we should definitely avoid?

We'll eat almost any cuisine, but are probably not planning on packing "nicer" clothes - I can probably talk him into khakis, but jeans may be as far we go. :



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  1. Head for The Ravenous Pig, but make a reservation.

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    1. re: Rona Gindin

      I was really excited about The Ravenous Pig when I went, but I was a little dissapointed with it, maybe just a subpar night/ordering. As for the other places on the grill, let me recommend:

      Normans - absolutely one of the best meals i've ever had in my life. It was really pricey though, so i'd be itnerested to see what they offer for a $30 prix fixe.

      Roys - he may be everywhere but thoguht it was great

      Le Coq Au Vin - it's a little out of the way but had a fantastic meal here before too

      The Capital Grille - it's a chain nice steakhouse, but the lobster mac and cheese is out of this world.

      Emeril's Orlando - think it's worth it as well

      Ran-getsu - good

      you know i dont think i've ever really had a bad meal in Orlando, but maybe for another reason, but i'd recommend all of the places above.

      1. re: MinhLikesFood

        "Normans - absolutely one of the best meals i've ever had in my life. It was really pricey though, so i'd be itnerested to see what they offer for a $30 prix fixe. "

        I've never been a big fan of Normans, The food has always been hit or miss, and at those prices it should always be a hit. But, I did the magical menu at Normans and thought it was absolutely superb. A excellent value as well. (Conch chowder, Yellowtail, beignets).

        1. re: MinhLikesFood

          I'm so glad to hear someone else make that comment about the Ravenous Pig. I just dinned there for a 2nd time a few weeks ago with people who had never been, but heard a lot about it. We all left with the same feeling that the place is over hyped and I found the food incredibly salty. I just think for the prices they charge, there's better.

          As for Norman's, dined their for the first time a couple of weeks ago and everything thing I had was excellent.

      2. the prime rib at J Alexander's on the $20.00 menu is a really good deal, the prime rib is delicious

        1. I enjoy the Ravenous Pig, so I would recommend that option. Friends were in last week and raved.

          Luma is a nice choice as is K Restaurant. Just went to K this evening, it was packed, friend opted for their Prixe Fixe and I opted for the Magical Dining menu and everything was wonderful...per the usual. (Rest. K comments here


          Had friends hit J Alexanders and they could not believe how much food was on their plate. Prime rib was supposed to be good if you enjoy beef. They both took their desserts home.

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          1. re: winechic

            The Ravenous Pig, this is the thing. We know it's kinda pricey and we'd really like to try it but it seems to be hit or miss with some. I keep hearing people rave about it, or being very dissapointed in it. Maybe it has to do with busy dinner service? Maybe there is one night that is less crowded and you get more attention with your food or service?

            or do you think it's the opposite and that they employ their best cooks on the busy nights.
            has anyone done lunch there?

            J. Alexanders is delious just be sure you are in a steak/ prime rib mood. Prime Rib is their specialty. I agree plenty of food on the plate.

            1. re: Sandwich_Sister

              @Sandwich Sister,

              I've gone to RP somewhat regularly since it opened and have never had an issue. I've gone with people who are casual diners and people who are massive foodies. I've also been there for lunch with the same great experience. All comments have been more than favorable with those I've dined with...of course, anyplace can have an off night or not be everyones cup of tea, but that hasn't been my experience.

              The magical menu has the steak frites on it, which is always a crowd pleaser.
              On the regular menu there are big raves for the gruyere biscuits, which we always order. I love their lobster tacos, sometimes I get that and a salad and call it a meal. The burgers are great and they have a lamb burger that has received thumbs up as a non beef option. When mussels (Starters) are in season and on the menu- get them. All of the options I've listed are not pricey. Now granted, you don't go to 5 guys and spend 12 or 13 bucks on a burger, but in the realm of getting truffled frites and a crazy burger- good deal.

              The bar doesn't offer many deals, but offers some great microbrews on tap and the wine list is a great option.

              1. re: winechic

                Thank You Winechic.

                We've toyed with the idea of going but its always been such an iffy thing. It's going back on my list of Restaurants to try and I'll keep your reccommendations in mind.

                1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                  Please let us know about your experience! :)