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Ball Elite canning jars

Has anyone seen the ball "elite" canning jars locally?

I'm looking for low wide half pint jars (as opposed to the taller skinny ones), but my normal place doesn't carry them.

I'm in Cambridge, but will go as far as JP or Lexington

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. In past years, I've seen them at Tags in the Porter Square Shopping Center. I haven't been there this year.

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      Any of the ACE hardware stores should have them as well as Ben Franklin in Arlington, I've too seen them at TAGS.

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        Tags definitely had them as of mid-August, I presume they still have them in stock.

      2. I'm sure that any place that sells any ball products can order them pretty easily.

        1. I have seen canning jars at the China Fair on Mass Ave in Cambridge. They may have them.

          1. If you're willing to do shipping, amazon seems to have them.

            1. I used to buy them at Stop & Shop.

              1. I saw them earlier this week at the Target in Everett.

                1. As far as I know Tags never had the low, wide, slightly squarish "elite" ones- they're my supplier for normal jars and I've been in and out of there all summer. Same with China Fair which has a much more limited supply of jars.
                  If anyone needs to know, I did find low wide ones made by Kerr (which is now owned by Ball) at the Salem street True Value in the North end.
                  I'm trying to can pate, and wanted the finished product to be wider than tall.

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                    Can't say for certain, but I was just at Tags on Sunday and they had a variety of sizes. One was definitely of a smaller variety similar to what you describe. In fact, they've dedicated a pretty decent display right up front to all their canning goods.

                    Made me want to jump on the canning bandwagon, if only I had the room to do it :-)

                  2. Wanamaker's Hardware in Arlington Hts. had them last time I looked.

                    1. Check out the Ben Franklin store in Cushing Sq. Belmont for canning stuff.

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                        Crate and Barrel outlet had them in Kittery Maine... Do their regular stores carry them?

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                          Gardgen- unfortunately not. I saw them in Kittery as well, passed them by and then hoped to get them at a local store- apparently their stock is totally different.

                          However I did see them at Sudbury Farms in Needham recently.

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                          SuzieCK is right, I got that same style there on Sunday.

                        3. I just called all the places listed so far and the Salem St True Value was the only place that had them. Good to know if you need them out of canning season- as I do.

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                            There is no "out of canning season" in my world- I canned 5 pints of chickpeas and a canner load of soup last weekend!
                            I finally did find some at Target (it took the sales associate and I about 15 minutes to find them, bless her heart for patiently looking) However, last time I was there they were gone "for the season" I might have to stock up, because they're quite nice for soups.

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                            I know it's early in the season, but I'm hoping to put in some strawberry jam this weekend before they're all gone. I called Tags and they don't carry them- I don't know that's an "ever" or a "yet" The Elite ones are so nice looking, and some will be gifts, so I'd love to have the nice ones.

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                              I bought a few for storage at True Value on Lexington St. in Waltham a few months ago. I'd call first, though.

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                                Check Salem Street Hardware in the North End. They have a good supply of canning materials year round.

                                And also check with your local Ace or True value hardware store. I know that if I wanted these and they were in the catalog, Back Bay Hardware on Newbury street would be happy to order them for me and have them in within a week or so.