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Sep 11, 2009 01:25 PM

Noodle Bistro Opens In San Gabriel--Lovers of Piggy Parts Not Welcome

Noodle Bistro has just opened up at the old Yume location (funny, I thought Yume was doing pretty well) at 402 E. Valley Blvd. Noodle Bistro has a relatively short menu largely consisting of congee, noodle soup, and "lo mein" items. The striking thing about the menu is the lack of pork (more graphically described as piggy parts by Bay Area hound rworange) in these dishes. Rather, you'll find shrimp, beef stew, beef ball, fish ball, fish cake etc. as accompaniments. Aside from Islamic and vegetarian restaurants I don't recall seeing such an absence of pork at a Chinese restaurant. Interestingly, lo mein is made with the same type of Chinese egg noodle used for chow mein and soup. Noodle Bistro appears to have opened just a few days ago, so I might have even beaten TonyC here.

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  1. went today! pretty is ok. Next door is Sweet Chicken? Lodsa soup stuff..gonna try that next time!