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Sep 11, 2009 01:18 PM

Vegas - Nobhill or Fiamma?

A dozen of us are meeting in Vegas for a class reunion. We are staying in MGM and are looking to dine at a mid-range fine dining restaurant in the hotel before the show. We checked out the fall dining menus and came down to a tie between Nobhill and Fiamma. Which one do you think is a better restaurant, in terms of food, ambiance, and service? Thank you.

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  1. If it's a 10th reunion, go to Fiamma. If it's a 25th, go to Nob Hill. :-)

    Seriously, they're both very good, & calling it a tie is a pretty fair assessment. So, comes down to a question of what kind of experience you're looking for.

    I find Fiamma to be a bit more of a "scene" (but not obnoxiously so), & has a younger vibe. It's more of a high-energy place. More conducive to a more "rowdy" group. Should I assume that the show you're going to is Ka? If so, I think Fiamma might be a bit more ... compatible.

    Nob Hill is somewhat more subdued, relaxing, & even romantic. I've been there when there have been larger groups, & the vibe stays basically at mellow conversation. If you have serious foodies & winos who want a lot of focus on those aspects, Nob Hill is your choice.

    Service is very good to excellent at both. Generally the staffers at Fiamma are younger & more casual. At Fiamma, the staff generally starts off fairly formal, & then will relax & be more convivial & chatty if that's what you want.

    Is that any help?

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      I agree with what you're saying but I would still choose nobhill. Basically because I always put the food first and nob hills new menu looks really inticing.

    2. We ate at both on our last trip. We enjoyed both but would probably put Nobhill ahead a bit.

      I agree with the above assessment though regarding scene. So depending on what you're looking for Fiamma might be better.

      Either way you should be pleased...

      1. Thanks for the helpful information. I will relay the message to the gang.