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Sep 11, 2009 12:59 PM

Austin Restaurant Week

Does anyone have a link to the menus?

I know it runs Sep.13-16 & 20-22 and lots of places are taking part, just can't find the online menus

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    Found some of them. When you click on the place some of them have a link to download the ARW menu

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    1. re: amykragan

      Any opinions on the best bets here? I was eying Parkside, Fabi & Rosi and Paggi House.

      1. re: ssouth

        last year I thought the best were Driskill & Jeffrey's

        The driskill grill doesn't sound quite as good to me; but I'm sure it's still great and the service is always amazing

        green pastures sounds great

        1. re: amykragan

          Green Pastures menu is great, and they've gotten a few nice (blog) reviews. There's a menu on their facebook page or ARW website below.

          1. re: Waterforchocolate

            Went to Green Pastures last night and had a lovely time. I called on Sunday to make the reso and they were booked up except for an 8:30 seating. This was fine as we were hoping for a later dinner.

            I'd never been to the restaurant before and was surprised by this little plantation style oasis tucked away in 78704. We were promptly greeted and shown to a table. In terms of service, I could see that they were certainly at capacity and there were a few hiccups that came from a restaurant unaccustomed to such a large crowd on a Monday (or at least this is my guest). Our waitress, who was in charge of all 6 tables in our room of the house had been seated with three tables in quick succession (ours being the last). She handled this well and with ease, but I'd guess that our slightly later arrival than the other two parties caused us to wait a little longer for our food. Our group of four though happily chatted and polished off a bottle of Malbec in the interlude.

            The food on the whole was very good and an excellent deal at the $25 per head price tag. For the starter, I had the tempura lobster tail. The lobster was sweet and succulent although slightly overdone (what can you expect when you throw lobster in the fryer). The chimichurri sauce was great. I was unsure of this pairing when I saw it on the menu but the flavors were right on. The menu reported that the lobster featured sweet corn puree but I never found it...perhaps they were running low on the corn. Regardless it was tasty. Two of my companions had the quail three ways (a breast, asian style legs, and a cranberry? sausage) and liked it although my husband reported that the quail sausage was a little dry. My other friend had the brie three ways dish. She particularly raved about the soup saying she could have eaten a whole bowl.

            For the entree, I chose the trout. The fish was perfectly cooked and I really enjoyed the shrimp and crawfish sausage that topped the filet. The sauce was delicious although I didn't really get the saffron taste. The mashed potatoes (these tasted the same as those with my lobster although they supposedly featured different flavors) were fine and the chard was well done without a hint of bitter. One other at my table also had the trout. We both cleaned our plates. My husband had the flat iron steak and he said it was very good. His only complaint was that because of the thick cut of the steak it was a little rarer (he ordered it medium) than he would have liked. He didn't rave about the accompaniments but he did polish them off. I will add that to my eye it was a very nice cut of steak, not something you often see with a flat iron in this town. My other friend had the garbanzo bean dumplings. She loved the flavors and commented on how well the sauce worked. It was a heavy dish but featured a lot of nice veggies, done well. The desserts were also good, but by this point I was pretty stuffed. I only made it through about half of my bread pudding, but I really enjoyed the creamy jack daniels sauce. The clear notes of cinnamon and nutmeg spoke to the onset of fall. The boys at the table also enjoyed the pecan ball, vanilla ice cream rolled in sweetened pecans and topped with hot fudge.

            All in all, I'd say job well done. I'm not sure if my pocketbook will let me run back right away, but I'd definitely go back.

        2. re: ssouth

          You should most definitely try Parkside! Sean Cierkle (Sp) is the head chef and has created an incredible menu and some delicious cocktails. I recommend the roasted bone marrow (melts in your mouth) or their raw bar up front. They have a fluke with toasted almonds and a mouth watering amberjack dish with slices clementines. Sooo good.

      2. I've got my reservation for Hudson's On the Bend. For me, Restaurant Week is working exactly as intended: opening up the super pricey joints to the masses and enticing us to give money towards a good cause. I don't know if it's the best menu but it sounds tasty to me.

        If I had more money to try more places, I'd also visit Paggi House.

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        1. re: verily

          I'm doing Paggi House tomorrow and Hudson's on Monday. can't wait

        2. I love the concept of restaurant week. They did it in another city I used to live in too. However, I wish it lasted a full week, not just Sun-Wed. It was so popular in my last city, they actually extended it for a full month so you got to try lots of places. In this economy, I think it would be a good move!

          1. Are any of these casual enough for Levis, buttoned shirt, and nice tennies?

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            1. re: chascates

              the thing about Austin is that the dress code is super relaxed
              you'll fit in fine with that outfit

              1. re: amykragan

                That can be thought of both ways. It's nice to be able to fit it, but the extreme absence of nice places in Austin where you can dress up and expect others to be similarly dressed can be depressing at times, esp. when it comes to formal wear.

              2. re: chascates

                Most are, though I might try non-tennis shoes and a blazer with the Levis at the steakhouses, Jeffrey's, Hudson's, and the Driskill. That said, none of the restaurants would likely say anything; I just know that I hate feeling underdressed.

                1. re: bubbleboy79

                  I hate being underdressed too. I wore a skirt, nice shirt, and dress shoes to Hudson's. My companion on the other hand was extremely casual and they didn't bat an eye.

                  1. re: verily

                    We went to Hudson's on the Bend last night. My son and I wore jeans, real shoes and a sport shirt. Ate outdoor and felt okay. The prix fixe was just delicious. My wife and I had the prime rib, my son the venison. They had a very tasty amuse bouche that I can't describe because all I remember was the tomatillo sauce and the little bit of pork on sort of a muffin. All was good,

                    1. re: singlemalt

                      forgot about the amuse bouche; it was a smoked wild boar tostada for us.

                      prime rib wasn't a prix fixe option for us but it sounds good

              3. Have been to Fabi&Rosi ($25) and Perry's ($35) so far.

                Fabi&Rosi: Wild Argula Salad, Jaeger Schnitzel with spatzle and wild mushrooms, Chocolate Mousse. Excellent dinner and service, and a great value at $25. Prix fixe menu presented as we sat down. Will definitely go back.

                Perry's: Caesar Salad, 8-oz filet, dessert trio. Enjoyed the food and service was fantastic; two servers and constant attendance. No prix fixe menu; had to ask and then the server recited the choices. Well worth the $35; I've paid more for less quality. Given their regular prices doubt if I go back very often. This trip was well worth it, if only to see the expression on my wife's face when her pork chop came. In case you haven't seen, it's a six-inch rack.