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Sep 11, 2009 12:46 PM

dinner with kids in Balto

ok, to celebrate my sons first day in kindergarten, we're taking him to dinner. He loves pasta and I agreed we could go somewhere that has pasta (preferably plain or in red sauce).
However, we would like to be able to eat reasonably well without also having to eat pasta. Not looking for anything expensive and must be somewhat child friendly. We're willing to go uptown, downtown or north of the city (we live in Roland Park).

Any thoughts?!

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it (because I ususlly am not a big fan of chains), but on a good day Carrabba's can be pretty good. I like the Veal Marsala, but they have lot's of choices.

    1. So cute! My dad always took me to lunch on the LAST day of school but your family's plan sounds good too.

      Iggie's in Mt. Vernon springs to mind. It's known better for pizza, but there is some pasta on the menu and I think the dog-themed decor would appeal to kids and the adults can eat some of the more interesting pizzas. Note: Iggie's is BYOB.

      Not sure what day you're talking about, but Frazier's on the Avenue has Pasta Tuesdays.

      1. It's not one of my favorite places, but Bertucci's on York Road may be the best option. They have an individual children's menu and sufficient offerings of steak, chicken options that might be appealing to you so that you wouldn't be forced to chow down on pasta.

        If I recall, they do have very yummy dinner rolls. FoiGras

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          I second this. My little one has always been happy with the food there, and its fine with me too. For big people, they have a new white pizza with goat cheese and zuchinni that's nice, the Marengo pizza is good (grilled chicken and peppers) and I always like those lemony/herby wings on the appetizer menu.

          1. re: placidothecat

            Geez-maybe I should go back sometime. What you are suggesting sounds quite good to me. Hubby and I need to dine out at lower end establishments during the week (budget considerations unfortunately). Sounds as though Bertucci's would be an option. FoiGras

        2. what about donnas in cross keys? it's very kid-friendly, with crayons and a kids' menu (pasta is definitely on it), and the "adult" food is always great. you can also sit outside if it's nice.

          1. It's true that anyone can serve you plain pasta, but why not buy it from a local restaurant? Strapazza in Towson is very good, reasonably priced, and not far from Roland Park.