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Sep 11, 2009 12:16 PM

Cheap Eats In Vegas?

I'm going to Vegas next weekend and am on a budget. It seems all the restaurants are either high end or chains (like CHevy's and the like). Any decent middle of the road places to eat in Vegas?

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  1. What's your budget?
    Do the restaurants need to be located on The Strip?

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    1. re: Larry

      budget is around $15 - $20 for an entree - on the strip or near the strip is preferred. I am staying at Trump

    2. As you've already noticed, there aren't a huge number of Chowhound worthy places in that price range - but there are some.

      1. Lotus of Siam is off Strip (953 East Sahara Ave #A-5), but not too far from Trump. Many entrees are in the $10 range, with fancier ones going up to $20 or so. If you search Chowhound, you'll find many testimonials to this Thai restaurant.
      2. Las Vegas has heavily bought into the gourmet hamburger theme. My nomination for best restaurant devoted to hamburgers is Burger Bar. It's well within your budget, but is at the far south end of The Strip. I think that Bradley Ogden has an even better hamburger. It's an expensive restaurant, but the hamburger is available for $19 at the bar; for another $10 you also get a good Caesar Salad, and butterscotch pudding.

      1. Check out the string on "Las Vegas - could I stay and dine well for less?' The last post on it was September 5. It's got some darn good ideas and this guy appeared to have done very well for very little.

        1. Ellis Island Casino and Brewery might fit the bill, it's just a block off the strip just behind the Hilton on Koval. Prime rib with all the trimmings for $10.99 and that includes a glass of their owned brewed beer which gets high ratings with the micro-brew bunch. They have some pretty good BBQ deals as well. It's one of those great locals places we take out-of-town guests when the Strip gets to be too much of a bother. Here's the menu:

          1. If you even remotely enjoy nachos, go to Isla at Treasure Island and order the Isla Nachos. Amazingly yummy with a delicate cheese sauce, guacamole, a bean sauce.... some heat. Not your typical nachos. We obsess about them and pretty much take all of our visitors to go eat them. Definitely enough for a meal and cheaper. You can also grab a crepe at Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio. They have a savory one with turkey, and it comes with a little salad. I think it is like $9-12?? Good. You should search out Happy Hour specials too. For example, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at the Fashion Show mall has some tasty happy hour specials. My friend always goes and feasts on the calamari which you can request grilled instead of fried. OH, and wichcraft at MGM is Tom Colicchio's "sandwich shop". When you go you may think "$10 for a sandwich!", but they are delicious and definitely a meal's worth, and compared to other options on The Strip, definitely a bit more affordable. ( Noodle Exchange at the Gold Coast: you can get a big plate of yummy noodles and a side order of sauteed vegetables (listed under the appetizer section) for like $13 total, and it is enough to share! Okay, that is all for now.

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              'Witchcraft is a good suggestion. The meatloaf sandwich is definitely a dinner.