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Sep 11, 2009 12:10 PM

Best Pad Thai from Miracle Mile to Santa Monica

I work in the Miracle Mile area and live in Santa Monica and would like to pick up some Pad Thai on my way home.

Please let me know where you think I should go.


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  1. Hi... Tuk Tuk at 8875 W. Pico blvd.. Its solid, as pad thai goes. You'd do much better in Thai Town or N. Hollywood, but then again, in those areas, one might opt to order something more menacing (in a good way)...

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      Also the owners of Tuk Tuk have another place called Soi 56 on Selma and Cahuenga in Hollywood that have excellent pad thai as well as traditional Thai dishes and robata. I'm surprised the place is not more well known or popular. Inexpensive, clean, friendly and delicious.

    2. I've always liked natalee thai and talesai.