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Sep 11, 2009 12:04 PM

Eating in Reno

A few colleagues and I are traveling to Reno for business. We are staying at the Silver Legacy and are looking for a few places to go for dinner. There are no food restrictions other than the restaurant must have a fresh fish selection (one person keeps kosher but will eat fresh fish out at restaurants).

Are there any restaurants that we must try in Reno? Thanks!

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  1. Fresh fish is tough. You know the Jimmy Buffet rule about not eating seafood more than 30 miles inland.
    Sezmu does a wonderful job with fish. They're on Mount Rose Street (not the highway). Also consider Fourth Street Bistro and LuLou's, although I don't know how good their fish dishes are.
    Rapscallion used to be the go-to place for fish dishes in the 1980s and early 1990s. Then it went downhill. Supposedly it's good again, but I haven't eaten there recently.
    there's Fin-Fish or something like that by Charlie Palmer at the Grand Sierra. Search Chowhound for other reviews of Charlie Palmer in Reno.
    Bangkok Cusine (also on Mount Rose Street) is a Thai restaurant that has some nice seafood dishes. I can't remember if they have fresh fish specifically.

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      Forgot about sushi. Reno is king of all-you-can eat sushi. It started at a few places and then every place had to do all you can eat to survive.
      My favorite is Hiroba Sushi on Skyline Boulevard. It's a ways away (don't know if you guys are driving) and it's also quite popular. If you don't go at an off hour expect a wait to be seated.
      What makes Hiroba different is that the owner, Kwon, gets sushi out of a distributor in Sacramento. Just about every other sushi place in Reno buys from Reno distributors who get their fish from the same San Francisco source. It's not always the freshest. Hiroba ususally has the freshest sushi.
      Another place I like for sushi is Kokopelli's in Circus Circus. The Silver Legacy and Circus Circus are connected via a second-story bridge so it would be a simple walk to get there. I haven't eaten at Kokopelli's in about three years so I can't say it's still as good as it was, but others seem to like it.
      But if you've got a rental car, I'd definitely recommend Hiroba Sushi.