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Sep 11, 2009 11:51 AM

Where to buy bitters downtown

I am trying to beef up my bar and am looking for some cocktail bitters outside of the standard Angostura bitters. Any suggestions on where I can find them? Looking for within Toronto (not GTA).

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  1. they're wildely available at any grocery stores
    so within downtown...metro at college park, metro at church and gould, metro at church and front, metro on bloor and spadina, queens quay loblaws, manulife centre valu-mart, you get the point...

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    1. re: c_snapper

      What brands do these grocery stores carry other than the ubiquitous Angostura, as the OP asked? e.g., Peychaud's?

      1. re: c_snapper

        where are they usually located in the grocery store (aisle)? i ask because often stock boys aren't especially knowledgeable.
        and, also, any brands/kinds to recommend? i know nothing of bitters and am curious to try them.

        1. re: foodismyhobby

          I have never seen anything other than Angostura bitters at a grocery store. Look in the aisle with the soda - there's usually a small section toward the back of that aisle with cocktail mixers, grenadine, Rose's lime juice, non-alcoholic beer, etc. All of my non-Angostura bitters have been brought back from trips across the border, though - I've never found any other varieties here in any of the obvious places.

      2. Unfortunately cocktail bitters are hard to find in Toronto. You might try the SLM; i once found a bottle of Fee mint bitters in a store on the lower level.

        1. I would love to buy some bitters for a Christmas present--anything available now?? I'm willing to go anywhere in the GTA.

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          1. re: illy

            I’ve emailed Fee Brothers of Rochester, NY in the past and they directed me to the The Toronto Institute of Bartending located at 487 Adelaide Street West Suite 100. They stock a limited selection of Fee Brothers Bitters, which are excellent. They’ve added rhubarb and cherry to their selection of bitters and their Old Fashion is much better than Angostura. Try contacting Fee Brothers, they’ve shipped to me directly in the past.

            1. re: spellcheque

              Thanks for the info, Spellcheque. I called Fee Brothers and they directed me to the Institute of Bartending. I went down there and bought a bottle of Old Fashioned for $12. They also had a few other flavours, like Rhubarb and Chocolate. Looking forward to a Christmas day Manhattan!

          2. My wife and I stumbled onto/into the most wonderful cocktail store on queen west, over near CAMH, on the north side. I think it is called BYOB or something like that. It is a cool and odd store with everything "cocktail", new and used. They have a very large selection of every make and flavourful of bitters that they can legally sell in our over regulated province. I am not 100% on the name but it is worth the little search.

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            1. re: brejak

              Yes, it's BYOB and you're right on the selection of bitters....cute cocktail things all around

            2. Sun Valley at Danforth and Pape has a full selection of Fee Bros. bitters. The grapefruit bitter is gorgeous.

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              1. re: biggreenmatt

                Just an FYI, Sunvalley is now closed in case someone goes looking.

                1. re: millygirl

                  Do you know of another place on the east side that sells Fee Bros or similar bitters?

                  1. re: ultimobailey

                    Alex Farm Products on the Danforth

                    A lot has changed since 2009