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Wings! Where are the best in Pittsburgh?

I'm looking for places that have good wings in or around Pittsburgh. Not too interested in chains, and prefer a cripsy wing that's not drowning is sauce. I'd like to hear about your favorites!


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  1. I won't claim to be an expert on this, but for what I think you're describing (non-saucy, crispy), both Kaya and the Harris Grill have very good examples that I know of.

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      Yeah, those jerk wings @ Kaya are awesome.

    2. Two that I like that are not saucy are the Caribbean Jerk wings at Kaya, and the smoked wings at Six Penn. Both are different than traditional Buffalo wings but they are excellent.

      1. Gooskie's in Polish Hill has great wings but is a dive.

        Both Silky's locations (Sq. Hill and Bloomfield) have really good dry and crispy buffalo wings.

        Fat Heads has excellent wings but they are a little bit saucier. The Carribean Killer sauce is excellent.

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          You say "dive" in reference to Gooski's as though that's a bad thing ;-)

          Where else can you eat your wings with a soundtrack of Dylan and Metallica?

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            Gooskie's is a place that I've always heard of but have never been to...From the description, I think I'll like it! Thanks for all the suggestions.


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              No - I love a good dive! Just a heads up to those who aren't "dive" inclined.

          2. i haven't lived in the burgh for a couple years but i used to love the wings at Birmingham Bridge Tavern. Definitely had the crispiness you're looking for and they had some sort of special house sauce that was delicious.

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              Birmingham Bridge Tavern is one that I've actually had, and they are really good. Thanks for the suggestion!


            2. D's Six Pax and Dogz in Regent Square- always perfectly crispy!

              1. Zooky's in New Brighton (sorry...not exacty in the city) has wonderful wings. They use fresh, whole wings to start. There are a number of sauces available, several of which are dry. But, even the wet sauces aren't used too liberally. The menu gives an ordering option for "extra crispy" and notes that the minimum wait for those wings is 25 minutes. The buffalo are my favorite.
                The Franklin Inn in Ohio Twp (again, not quite in the city), in spite of their sub par Mexican food, has grilled wings that are great. I don't know how they get the wings to be so crispy, but they are. And, they are tender in the middle. Hardly and sauce, but spicy. Again, expect a 20-25 minute wait, but so worth it.

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                  i think armstrongs in caste village has the best wings!

                2. This post is on the verge of 'painful' for someone from Pittsburgh. Fat Heads is pretty good but you gotta try Wiggy's. Its a locally owned Wing shop. They got other things but if you want wings this is where to go. Some might argue or question why Quaker Steak isn't on here but I have to say they've fallen way way down since my childhood days. These days everytime I go there, their wings are soggy (but their sauce is still okay).

                  Try Wiggy's on Noblestown Rd.
                  Address is:
                  2350 Noblestown Road
                  Pittsburgh, PA 15205-4128
                  (412) 919-0361

                  I've been going here since I was in H.S. You won't be disappointed.

                  Pittsburgh, PA
                  Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh, PA

                  2350 Noblestown Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

                  1. I was pretty surprised this list isn't longer. Although I love a classic Buffalo or BBQ wing, I'm always impressed when I find unique flavors on menus where I wouldn't expect it. Pizza Sola was one of those places. They double bake their wings so they are crispy and then toss them in an assortment of homemade sauces and are then served with HOMEMADE blue cheese dressing. I stress the homemade part because this is a pizza joint, I couldn't believe they made the effort.

                    Flavors to try: Peach Habenero, Island Teriyaki, and Rosemary Garlic Butter

                    Pizza Sola
                    1417 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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                      What is it with Pittsburgh and pizza places that serve wings?

                      Will go on record as noting that the quality of a pizza around here is directly related to the amount of energy they invest in wings. The more wings ordered, the worse the pizza.

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                        LOL That's what we say too. If the sign says "Pizza and Chicken" (like one down the road out here does) we stay away.

                        City Oven (formerly Azzeria) is sort of an exception, though. No sign of chicken/wings really on the outside, but they are on the menu, it turns out (I had to look on the web site to be sure). We like the pizza. I can't speak to the wings, not my thing. I'm guessing there's not as much energy invested in them, but they fire those in the wood oven too so I'll bet they're not bad either.

                        3025 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

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                          Have to say after reading this thread I took a minute to check out some of the wing places last week with some out of town guests from Buffalo. Not that where they come from makes them "experts" but here's what the general consensus was Pittsburgh has great wings:

                          1. Wiggy's (Honey BBQ Cajun enough said delicious)
                          2. Wings, Suds and Spuds (can't really go wrong with this combo. Classic wing joint with cheap beer. BIG hit.)
                          3. Pizza Sola (these are baked AND crispy. peach habanero and rosemary were hits and they make homemade blue cheese dressing which you don't often find in pizza chains)
                          4. Mad Mex (we did both chicken and tofu in their SanFran sauce and they were pretty awesome, the buffalo was a little boring)
                          5. Kaya (jerk flavored paired perfectly with much needed tiki drinks)

                          2350 Noblestown Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

                          Pizza Sola
                          6004 Penn Cir S, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

                    2. Self-Proclaimed Wing connoisseur here - hands down the best wings I have had.

                      1. Drovers Inn - Wellsburg, Wv http://droversinn.net/
                      I drive often from Pittsburgh just for their wings, cute old inn with a GREAT bar in the basement. The "buffalo garlic" are mouthwatering. I also get "cajun" seasoning on them for a little more taste. Their Honey BBQ are also insatiable. This place is a little far but worth the quaint drive from Washington, Pa.

                      I would also suggest....

                      . Mad Mex (any location other than Oakland) Southwest. Cilantro based with olive oil garlic and other goodies. You can vary your heat level I usually get "wild". Make sure if you like them crispy you tell your server just in case.

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                        I finally made it to Drovers. WOW! Great wings, and the bar is really unique.


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                          Glad to hear I could turn you on to this. Post your review when you write it. Don't tell too many people, I'd still like to get a seat ;)

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                            Had a very fun road trip winding up at Drovers Inn was not at all impressed wings very dried out frozen wings for sure. I say hands down Sidelines in Sewickley best in town.


                        2. Judging from our map of Pittsburgh wing nights, votes from our readers and our own personal preference, the best wings in Pittsburgh are Spencer's Down Under in West Mifflin for whole wings and Fat Head's in SouthSide for wing dings.


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                            Spencer's and Fat Heads are both great choices. I'm also a fan of the wings at Bigham Tavern on Mt. Washington. Though Bigham's wings aren't quite as good as when they were called Kaib's.

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                              Agree on Kaya. To call the Duss ave cafe in Ambridge a dive is an understatement. Have a few pops before heading in there. But the do have broasted wings with a great dry spice. Call in an order get in and get out..

                              And as a rule I love dive bars...

                              it is a chain but Anthonys Coal Fired pizza in Settlers Ridge does a very interesting wings rosemary cooked in pizza over tops with carmelized onions

                          2. I love wings. I love Pittsburgh. I love Buffalo Style wings most of all. I like the unique, whole "seasoned wing" that comes up at any good, self respecting bar in the AK Valley portion of Pittsburgh.

                            But if I am going to get good, "Buffalo Style" wings I am heading to Erie.