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Restaurant Picks in Red Hook, Brooklyn

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Set sail in late October aboard the QM2 out of Pier 12, Brooklyn. Have reserved room in hotel on 49th St, Brooklyn. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good restaurant(s) in that area?

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  1. 49th Street is not in, or really near (for dining purposes), Red Hook. I presume you mean the Sleep Inn on 49th Street? In which case, the neighborhood you'd be looking to dine in would be Sunset Park. So you might want to re-post with that location--there are lots of 'hounders here familiar with that neighborhood.

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      Thanks for the tip, jinx. As you can tell, I'm not familiar with the area.


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        Doesn't the QM2 depart from the pier in Red Hook. If you're looking for some pre-boarding dining, here are a few suggestions:

        • if it's a weekend, check out the red hook ballfields (do a search--tons of posts) better even than the mexican/central american food in sunset park
        • in nice weather, there's the fairway cafe. great views, decent but not great food. tho i suppose you will see the same views as the QM2 sails through the harbor.
        • baked--nice bakery in red hook with good selection of baked goods
        • good fork--i don't like this place, but many do so i'm including it
        • hope and anchor--dinerish place with decent but not great food, but if you're not a new yorker, has an interesting vibe
        • kevin's--haven't been, but it gets good reviews
        • viva--ditto
        • ikea cafeteria--if you don't have an ikea near you, the swedish meatballs are worth a visit once in a while.
        • defonte's--great old-school new york italian sandwich/hero shop. closes early.

        all of these places (except perhaps the ikea cafeteria) have been discussed on chowhound. do a search for any that interest you.