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Sep 11, 2009 11:19 AM

Help UES near Gugg tonight (9/11)

Hi all,

I'm attending an event this evening at the Guggenheim (so that's 89th & 5th), and I need a dinner spot for myself and two colleagues afterwards. Criteria:

1) Middlebrow pricing (sub $20 entrees)
2) Not too snug or noisy

Leads from other threads:

Wa Jeal
Fig & Olive

Thoughts? If you can think of anything appropriate, I'd appreciate it!

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    1. Please note, there is no branch of Fig & Olive near the Guggenheim, as far as I know. I stopped in for a bite last week at Panorama Cafe and was surprised at how good the food was and how reasonable. Lots of pastas well under your budget and entrees, most of which are below $20. Comfortable surroundings and nice service.

      I've heard Spigolo is good but entrees in the mid-upper 20s, low 30s.

      303 E 85th St
      New York 10028

      (At 2nd Ave)

      1. Serafina's 79th & Madison
        Beyoglu is DELISH!