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Sep 11, 2009 11:12 AM

Road Food in CT.

I am looking for great road food while driving RT. 95 or the Merritt Parkway from Greenwich, CT to the Mystic Ct. area. Thanks.

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  1. Here's a map of places I have eaten at or have earmarked as good (by consensus); usually from Chowhound's input. They are in alphabetical order so you may want to look at the map for food types, i.e., seafood (light blue), Italian (red), Spanish/Latino (green), etc. and then click on that balloon for details. You can then look that place up here or elsewhere for other opinions about it.
    There are plenty of threads on Chowhound regarding I-95 and various foods, restaurant types, etc. Learn how to use the search function so you are more self-reliant.
    It would help if you were more specific. It would help to know what food and what places you like to gauge our recommendatons by. Do any chains constitute "road food"?

    1. You'll have to stay on I-95 (the Merritt veers north after Milford, becoming the Wilbur Cross Pkwy and Berlin Turnpike before ending up in Hartford). More importantly, what do you want to eat, and where do you want to stop? Your best bet is seafood (there are a number of places along the CT Turnpike), but there is great pizza in New Haven as well, and Kitchen Little in Mystic is well known for breakfasts.

      1. There have been some threads on the hispanic food trucks on the waterfront in New Haven.

        I believe it's exit 47, then go under 95 to get to the water. I've gone there about 3 times on trips.

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          I drove by some on the way to Nirvana, Frank Pepes.