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Quick, good bites around Farragut square/Dupont

Hi! I just recently moved to Washington, DC, so I am still getting acclimated with my surroundings and figuring out what the best bites are. I already have a love for Jaleo...but I digress.

I work right around Farragut/Dupont and I am looking for recs for the best quick bites, be it for lunch or something after work. i am thinking either sandwiches or pizza. I know there is Cosi, Au Bon Pan, but I am looking for a place that's not a national chain.

Another question I have is where are the best burritos (this can just be the whole district, not just confined to the area in which I work).


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  1. Working in the area mentioned, I can sympathize with your plight. It is basically franchise town for the under $10.00 lunch, with a few exceptions. Try the Bread Line on PA Ave, and also the Cuban place in the International Square food court (19th and K). Both are pretty good. There are some fast food Indian places around also.

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      I second the Cuban place (I think it's called Havana Cafe). The Cuban sandwiches are great, and they serve them with fried yucca. My other favorite is the ropa vieja. I don't work around there anymore, but I still take a long lunch to Metro from Crystal City every once in a while for the sandwich.

    2. There are a bunch of good places in that area. Check out: Bread Line, Vapiano, CF Folks, Five Guys, Corner Bakery, and Bread and Brew,

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          Greek Deli...how I miss you. Working in the hinterlands of Gaithersburg is so depressing. Say hi to Kostas for me.

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            Greek Deli, don't let the line intimidate you and for Pete's sake don't hold the door open in blazing heat or freezing cold. order anything the first time or just a Gyro and grab a takeout menu for the inevitable next time.

            BTW taramasalata is really good on a toasted bagel.

        2. yes yes yes greek deli, amazing avgolemno soup. capitol grounds at 17th and K has good fresh sandwiches and salads. the korean bulgogi cart at 15th and k (or vermont and k? it's right outside corner bakery) is a must-visit. to really pig out and get greasy, there's a little place called ferdinand's snack bar in the 1629 k street building, it's tucked way in the back, but if you've got a hangover it's perfect. naan & beyond makes good homemade chips. i really like vapiano, also there's a nando's peri peri that recently opened nearby for really delicious chicken.

            1. The Well Dressed Burrito is the sister restaurant of CF Folks. Through an ally off 19th Street, between M and N streets. Great burritos. http://www.cffolks.com/

              I also like Malaysia Kopitiam on M St between 18th and 19th. Little family owned place. Don't forget Julia's Empanadas on Connecticut, on the same block as Brooks Brothers.

              Malaysia Kopitiam
              1827 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

              1. I think the other posters here have covered the sandwich places pretty well. And although not sandwiches or pizza (but a quick, good bite). I'll second the recommendation for Julia's Empanadas. I also like Naan & Beyond at 17th & L for samosas, sandwiches and wraps. Closer to Dupont, Irecommend Zorba's in Dupont (Greek) and Moby Dick (Persian).Chop't, a salad price (although a little pricey) is another quick place to grab a bite at.

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                  Zorba's is good and has seating, but Kostas' is really so much better. IMHO that is. Julia's are good empanadas

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                    By Kostas', do you mean the Greek Deli that other posters mentioned earlier? I've never been, but have heard it's good.

                2. I love the sandwiches at the Cowgirl Creamery (9th and F), near Metro Center.

                  1. Cafe Asia has some good lunch specials. Kaz has a good deal on a lunch special that I have never tried, but people talk about on Don Rockwell (I unfortunately do not work in the area any longer and my current work location is more of a chow wasteland).

                    The rice pudding and salty oat cookies at Teaism are good.

                    The meatball sub at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli is good.

                    On nice days I used to like to walk to Cafe Mozart.

                    Dicky's has nice custard with toppings and a good cuban panini.

                    The Art Gallery Grille has some nice salads- surprisingly and good specials from time to time.

                    There is El Chalan.

                    And I majorly second breadline and the greek deli.

                    You also probably aren't too far from Vidalia which has a lunch deal you might want to check out.

                    1. Is the burrito cart still at 17th and K? Used to be reasonably good burritos (at least for DC, and assuming you are ok with no meat).

                      1. There's a great wing place on M St. called Camelot. Internationally renowned wings. They even have a guy who's always out front who opens the door for you. Check it out.

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                          Yes, I believe there is a feature on this sight which names it in the top ten for food of some certain type of establishment- can't quite remember what. I thought they were known for their steak though, or so I am told?

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                            isn't Camelot also a, um, strip joint?

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                              Cruel to point the new guy in town to the closest strip club for lunch! :) Cruel but kind of funny. Is this Chow Hound hazing or something?