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Best chain Onion Rings

Today, being pressed for time, and starving, I decided to make a quick food run. I swung by Mc Ds ... too many cars.... across the road to Arby's.... even more cars and I know their line is slow... but their parking lot opened into Dairy Queen. Yes... Dairy Queen. I can't remember the last time I ordered food there other than a hot fudge sundae, and even that has been a long time.

I got a small burger and a small order of onion rings. The burger was nothing to write home about and kind of pathetic. Oh but the rings. Hot, crisp, shattering in your mouth. None of that bite in and pull out a tapeworm looking length of onion. Also a good amount, probably 7 to 8 in my order. Are they the best I've ever had? No. The best I've had in a chain drive through? I think they might well be.

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  1. I recently had some at a White Castle and they were pretty flippin good. About 20 years ago, I would have voted for Burger King. They were still fake back then, too, but I loved them. Now, they are like some mutant form of onion flavored paste encrusted in who knows what.

    I'll have to try DQ rings sometime. Common suggestions in the Chains threads for onion rings is to try A&W.

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      Popeye's have really good Onion rings...with a great slightly spicey crunch.

    2. I love Steak & Shake's onion rings. They're battered, not breaded, and are the only chain onion rings I've ordered more than once. Burger King should be ashamed of what they call an onion ring.

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        If you have a Nathan's hot dog chain by you, try their onion rings. Battered and perfectly greasy, it's my go-to indulgence when craving something fried. LOVE them!

        I've never bothered to try A&W's rings, as when I go I end up eating the french fries that come with my Long John Silver's fried fish. I'll have to give A&W a shot now tho!

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          I had the Nathan's onion rings last night... oh were they good! Actual rings of ONION fried right in front of me. Delicious :)

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            Just had A&W's onion rings last night. Hot and fresh from the fryer- always nice to have that. They -might- have been fried for a minute too long, the breading was a bit hard for me. Flavor-wise, they were allright. While it was a real onion slice, I guess the breading didn't do anything for me.

            Now i'm craving Nathan's onion rings!

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              I also wanted to post about some onion rings I had over the weekend that I thought were fantastic and worth mentioning: Buffalo Wild Wings!

              I got an order to go at about 12 midnight (I keep forgetting the are 24/7 in Vegas) with some boneless wings. The rings were beer-battered (my fave) with a spicy dipping sauce that reminded me of Outback's sauce for the Bloomin' Onion. A bit zippy, & very addictive!

        2. I vote for the now-extinct "Awesome Blossom" onion rings at Chili's.

          It was something like 2700 calories and about 200 grams of fat.

          Too bad it's no longer offered ... [sigh]

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            What? No more awesome blossom? That was the only reason to go there!!

          2. Farmer Boy's has the best freshly battered onion rings and zuccini.

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              Of the freshly battered type, I like the ones at Fat Burger better. But my all time fave are the Hat... they are the breaded type...


            2. When you go to DQ for food, it's chicken strips all the way.

              1. Might depend on whether you like the batter vs. breaded variety. I like the breaded, therefore A&W top my list. For a while there, KFC, I think, had onion nuggets....also very good.

                also, eww....why ruin a good onion ring thread with the tapeworm comparison ?

                1. I still love the "onion ring loaf" anyone know of a chain that offers this item? It is usually served with a tangy bright red bbq sauce.


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                    Tony Roma's & Outback Steak House both serve the battered onions. TR's are in the loaf and served with bbq sauce, OSH makes the blossom type and serves it with a ranch-type dip.

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                      mmmmm I do love Tony Romas.....and you are right, great Onion Loaf.

                  2. IHOP - paired with their double BLT.

                    1. Ted's Hotdogs in Buffalo NY ( small local chain) has my favorite onion rings of all time. Slightly thicker than onion strings, they are battered and delicious!!! I like Arby's onion petals, too - do they still have them?

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                        the one's here in oklahoma still have them.... or at least did as of a couple of weeks ago. I admit I got the fried mozarella sticks in the drive thru...... yes... I'll eat my guilty pleasure in the car where no one can see me

                      2. I think Sonic makes pretty decent onion rings. I'm surprised that no one else has mentioned them.

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                          I have to disagree, respectfully. Sonic's are extremely sweet, cake-like and heavy with a capital H -- made with the same batter from the corn dogs, I'd bet a million bucks. I think they're most probably the very worst institutional onion rings I've ever tasted. Lord, I can taste them in my mind's tongue now. Blech.

                          I've never had a better onion ring than those at Maid-Rite. Wheat-flour based, sliced paper-thin and fried very light and crispy. They're incredible.

                          Hardee's beer-battered onion rings are perfect, too. Hardee's understands how to drain and salt all their fried foods properly, not to mention it's the only big chain where your order actually resembles the menu photos strongly. It's the very best all-around fast-food restaurant in my opinion, regardless of its checkered past.

                          Burger King's reconstituted, reformed geometry experiments are nothing short of horrible.

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                            I agree all the way! Sonic's onion rings are really great! They're worth a special trip to Sonic for. :-) Delicious!

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                              I always thought that Sonics were just Ore-Ida frozen onion rings? I think they are OK, but I don't go out of my way for them.

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                                The onions for Sonic's rings come pre-sliced and frozen, but they mix up the batter themselves. I know this from a neighbor girl who worked there one summer ... we interrogated her intensely one night. ;) I like 'em.

                            2. Red robin! love the onion rings... at least i did last time i went there! (it's been a couple years)

                              1. For drive-thru it has to be Jack in the Box. Those reconstituted things made out of chopped onion and batter that they sell at Burger King are an affront to the senses. For good or bad McD's seems to have avoided the onion ring thing, wonder what thats all about. We haven't got sonic or 5 guys or In and Out out here. Carl's Jr. arent bad, but they don't have a drive through here. Cant really say there is a difference between theirs and Jack in the Box

                                1. We don't have alot of the chains discussed in Canada, but LIck's have good rings!

                                  1. Quaker Steak and Lube has some pretty good o-rings.

                                    1. My husband brought home some onion rings from Hardees yesterday. I didn't know Hardees had onion rings, so I checked and these are 'new'. They were pretty good! They were not piping hot (these were his leftovers, after all), but they weren't greasy, and the batter tasted faintly beer-y. I was pleasantly surprised. He said it was a good size order, probably at least a dozen, of different sizes. I'm going to have to try them again soon!

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                                        I love onion rings, I prefer the very thin ones, often called onions straws , but i will eat the thicker ones. Cheesecake Factory has good straws, Friendlys has decent regular onion rings

                                      2. I had some of Cheeburger Cheeburger's onion rings the other day and they weren't too bad, albeit, a bit greasy.

                                        1. Definitely Fatburger.

                                          1. I worked at DQ out of high school for a couple summers, and ate a bag of onion rings every chance I could get. I worked the grill so I could cook mine "extra done" (about another minute) so they were real crispy. I order them that way at Sonic, too, they seem pretty good.
                                            And for "sit down" rings I like the IHOP.

                                            1. I like Ruth's Chris, hey it's a chain, for onion rings, thick cut and crisp.

                                              1. I'm in Canada, we don't really have much selection for onion rings, which is really unfortunate because I love them. A&Ws are passable I guess, I used to love the ones at Harveys but I find they have gotten too greasy and all I taste is the grease now whenever I get them. Really disappointing. I'll need to check out some of these places next time I'm in the US and try their onion rings.