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Sep 11, 2009 10:24 AM

Dog-friendly in Towson/Timonium area?

It's a long story but made short for purposes of getting your ideas: Tomorrow is our dog's 4th birthday. We will actually have another dog with us (two tiny chihuahuas) and will be dining out with another couple. So, four adults and two tiny dogs want to eat out together on a Saturday night in the Towson/ Timonium/ north of Baltimore area. We would love to find something reasonable, and perhaps BYOB. Any recs from fellow Baltimore hounds?

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  1. This one is easy. Andy Nelson's BBQ. Delicious BBQ. BYOB. If its nice, you can sit at the table out back, if its raining they sometimes open up the garage next door which has tables.

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    1. re: KAZ

      Go to Andy Nelson's at least once a week have never seen dogs there. As a person who has two dogs if I did see dogs there I would leave

      1. re: sas

        Really? I take my dog frequently (well in the summer anyway). We sit out back, never bring her inside. We send someone in to order and bring the food out to the table. With Baltimore's recent enforcement of the dog laws, Andy Nelson's might be the best combination of delicious and dog friendly.