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Sep 11, 2009 10:21 AM

Pretzel Baguettes at Whole Foods

Has anyone seen/tried the new soft pretzel baguettes they're selling at the Whole Foods on 14th and P Street?

I'm curious to know if they are good... they look interesting!

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  1. Are they slightly bigger than a hot dog roll, like the ones I see sometimes at Harris Teeter?

    1. I was ->||<- close to buying one last night.

      1. I have bought the pretzel rolls at WholeFoods in Annapolis and they are excellent. Nice crunchy exterior with a soft center. Nice change for sandwich making. I would imagine that the baguette is similar just a different shape.

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        1. re: BontheC

          Thanks for the thoughts! I'll have to try and pick one up tonight... any thought on what toppings are best?

          1. re: erinnf

            Haha, I impulse bought one today. It is already gone.

        2. I had a pretzel roll there last month that was excellent. I have been thinking about them recently actually because it was so good.

          1. I bought one this weekend -- pretty good, makes a change, but I wasn't crazy about it. A bit too dense and smooth for my taste - no air pockets.

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            1. re: woodleyparkhound

              So, I took the $1.99 risk and bought a pretzel baguette. It looked a little bit too brown, but I had to try it. My husband came up with a great idea for it. I'm from Upstate NY and am a big fan of "white" hot dogs. They're made with pork, somewhat similar to a German Weisswurst, but better. We grilled up the dogs, and the pretzel baguette, topped with some shredded cheddder, and brown mustard. Highly recommend!!

              1. re: erinnf

                Before buying I'm sure you could have asked to sample it out.

                1. re: erinnf

                  This gives me the idea of getting it to make a ham and brie sandwich on pretzel bread like they have at the Greenbrier. Hubby really likes that and will be coming home from a long business trip soon, thank you!!!