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Pretzel Baguettes at Whole Foods

Has anyone seen/tried the new soft pretzel baguettes they're selling at the Whole Foods on 14th and P Street?

I'm curious to know if they are good... they look interesting!

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  1. Are they slightly bigger than a hot dog roll, like the ones I see sometimes at Harris Teeter?

    1. I was ->||<- close to buying one last night.

      1. I have bought the pretzel rolls at WholeFoods in Annapolis and they are excellent. Nice crunchy exterior with a soft center. Nice change for sandwich making. I would imagine that the baguette is similar just a different shape.

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          Thanks for the thoughts! I'll have to try and pick one up tonight... any thought on what toppings are best?

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            Haha, I impulse bought one today. It is already gone.

        2. I had a pretzel roll there last month that was excellent. I have been thinking about them recently actually because it was so good.

          1. I bought one this weekend -- pretty good, makes a change, but I wasn't crazy about it. A bit too dense and smooth for my taste - no air pockets.

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              So, I took the $1.99 risk and bought a pretzel baguette. It looked a little bit too brown, but I had to try it. My husband came up with a great idea for it. I'm from Upstate NY and am a big fan of "white" hot dogs. They're made with pork, somewhat similar to a German Weisswurst, but better. We grilled up the dogs, and the pretzel baguette, topped with some shredded cheddder, and brown mustard. Highly recommend!!

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                Before buying I'm sure you could have asked to sample it out.

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                  This gives me the idea of getting it to make a ham and brie sandwich on pretzel bread like they have at the Greenbrier. Hubby really likes that and will be coming home from a long business trip soon, thank you!!!

              2. I bought Whole Foods' Pretzel Rolls today, and damn they are good! i'd love to know how to make them at home. It's a pretty dense roll, a lot like a soft pretzel, with that good, tangy, boiled in baking soda taste. It made a great ham and swiss with yellow mustard sandwich.

                1. I've bought pretzel baguettes at Whole Foods Tenley location. I'm not that crazy about it. It's a bit too doughy for my taste. I've also found that I prefer bread from other bakeries as opposed to Whole Foods. My current favorite is Atwater's, which sells its bread at several local farmers' markets. I've also enjoyed some of the breads at Firehook Bakery.

                  Firehook Bakery
                  3411 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

                  1. It's ehh *does shakey hand thing*

                    Prolly go great with some sausage and some spicy mustard.

                    1. Bought the very last pretzel baguette (still warm!) about a month ago while shopping at my local WF, and immediately tore off a piece once I got back. Loved it. I didn't even put anything on it, just ate it plane. For when you want something carb-y, but don't want a pretzel or just plain bread. LOL

                      Was great toasted with a bit of butter and grape jelly, too (random breakfast to eat the last bits up before it got too stale!).

                      Not something I'd buy regularly, but maybe for a treat every now and then. Or if I had plans to make a particular decadent sandwich.

                      1. I had one the other night and topped it with chive cream cheese and smoked salmon. It was to die for

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                          Good, but not as good as the laugenbroetchen at Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe.

                        2. Do these go by some other name? Or are they only at certain Whole Foods stores? Or sell out very early? I haven't seen anything fitting that description at either the Clarendon or Falls Church stores.

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                            I haven't been able to find them at the one in Fairfax, either. I asked about them at the bakery last week, and the person there said they stopped carrying them because they weren't selling well enough. But he said he'd tell the manager that people were asking about them, so you could try asking and see what happens....

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                              Well, go figure! I was out in that direction today so I stopped into the Falls Church Whole Foods and sure enough, they had pretzel baguettes, on the counter next to the display case of bagels and such. I bought one but I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. I didn't see any pretzel rolls, though. Too bad. The baguette will probably get stale before I finish it. Maybe it'll make good bread chunks for the Thanksgiving turkey stuffing.

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                                You know what's interesting is that most baguettes do get stale pretty fast, but the pretzel baguettes I've gotten from WF haven't. As I said earlier, I find them to be too doughy for my taste, and really they don't have the traditional baguette crust. I could definitely see using them to make stuffing.

                                My opinion is based on two experiences I've had with pretzel baguettes I've bought at WF's Tenleytown location. Maybe they're better or different at other WF locations.

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                                  Too grungy to go out for lunch today, so I grilled up a chorizo that I had in the freezer and put it on half the pretzel baugette. It was a good combination. It tasted a little cheesey (cheese-like, not cheeezy) which was maybe the "doughy" that you described. I won't get in the habit of buying these, particularly since I rarely eat bread at home other than the occasional English muffin for breakfast, but I can definitely see the attraction and reason for the enthusiasm.

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                              I bought one at Clarendon. They are next to the regular baguettes and are labeled "pretzel baguettes." But I imagine they don't make all that many.

                            3. I have tried the ones at Harris Teeter- addicting!

                              1. They are called "Laugenbroetchen" (lye rolls) and are also available at the Heidelberg Bakery (though not in the shape of a baguette). I used to love them when I lived in Berlin and Stuttgart and actually squealed in delight when I discovered them at WF and previously at the Heidelberg bakery.

                                They aren't available at Heidelberg if I've gotten there before you. Because I don't get there very often I buy like three dozen and freeze them. The ones from WF were delicious. They only had four left when I was there last; I bought all four. Sadly (for them) they did not survive the trip home but my partner and I polished them off behind the wheel. They were so deliciously chewy and unctiously moist that one didn't need any butter or schmalz (rendered goose fat) or anything on them. Mmmm good.

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                                  I used to get these every morning at the train station in Mannheim, on my way to the theatre. They baked them with Gouda. Oh, yum, what a treat!

                                2. I love them, I usually just prepare a Cheese melting topping or warm it op and spread good old butter on it =) too heavy for me to make a hot dog, choripan or sandwich though.