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Sep 11, 2009 10:08 AM

Need recommendations from locals... We are visiting for the first time!


My husband and I will be visitng San Francisco for the first time at the end of September.
We like to eat and drink well but inexpensively. We are hoping to discover places that fit the bill (with your recommendations, of course). We understand inexpensive means different things to different people. We are light eaters but enjoy sampling different things. So, we generally share an appetizer, main course, and dessert... or just get two main courses. We'd like to try and keep meals between $30-50, not including alcohol.

We are staying at the InterContinental(5th and Howard) and using public trans to get around. We plan to rent a car one day and drive out to Sonoma to taste some wines . I've read quite a bit about Dottie's for breakfast. Is it really that good?

What other restaurants are so yummy you'd wait in the rain to eat at?

PS... waiting in the rain and other weather elements in not a requirement :)

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  1. This should get you started

    Visitng SF. Eat like a local not a tourist.

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