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Sep 11, 2009 09:52 AM

A question about Kesté ...

I will be visiting NYC in a couple of days and one of my buddies wants to hit up Kesté.

I'm curious how it measures up to other Neapolitan stand-bys around the country.

From those that have been to Pizzeria Mozza (in Los Angeles) and/or Pizzeria Bianco (in Phoenix), how does Kesté compare to either or both?

Pizzeria Mozza
Pizzeria Bianco

Thanks very much.

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  1. if you do a search, there was recently a really long thread about Keste on this board. I've never had Bianco but from what I've read, I don't think very many places could even come close to comparing! Don't know anything about Mozza.

    1. I've been to both Mozza and Bianco -- although not Keste. However, I think most premium neopolitan places in New York (ones I have tried: Co., Motorino, etc.) will compare favorably to either of those places. I preferred Bianco to Mozza, fyi. So, I'd certainly try Keste.

      1. are you asking as far as visually is concerned. Hard to get someone that's been to all three of those (considering they're all in different states).

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        1. re: smokeandapancake

          No, not visually, but food-wise.

          I've been to both Bianco and Pizzeria Mozza, and enjoyed both, but find that each has their strong suits.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Probably to be too late to be of any utility for this trip, but to compare Pizzeria Mozza with Keste:
            a. Pizza is, fittingly, the third rail issue on this board (with so many others, though not tacos, or thickness of XLB skins) so I'll step gently and say if Mozza would relocate in any of the five boroughs it would be hailed by many as an event much more significant than any old second coming. For me, Keste makes a very good Neapolitan softish crust with the light crispness pie. I go to Keste when I'm on the block and the line is fearsome at John's across the street, but Mozza I go to direct upon arriving at LAX. A case could be made for the Motorino being at least as good as Keste, with the edge tipping to Motorino for crust and great sides (still not in the the same class as Mozza's sides)
            b. For a more informed response try to get Kathryn of this board to respond
            c. ipse, did you get there and if so how was it

            1. re: wew

              Thanks for the response. I did make it Keste and found it rather disappointing. As far as pizza goes -- and in particular pizza crust -- I think the best of the bunch between Mozza, Bianco and Keste -- it would definitely be Bianco.