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Sep 11, 2009 09:37 AM

Moules Frites Vancouver

Any good suggestions for moules frites (mussels and fries) in Vancouver? Is Stella's on Cambie any good?

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  1. I like the moules frites at Stella's on Commercial (though I have been hearing about inconsistency). Also good are Carthage (Commercial Dr), Chambar, and Cafe Salades de Fruits (probably the best of the lot, actually).

    1. The congolaise mussels at Chambar are sooo good!

      1. Chambar is a Belgian restaurant and their moules dishes are really good. However, as a downtown backup - La Hermitage on Robson does really nice moules et frites - ditto for Cafe de Paris on Denman (though they change their menu quite often so you might want to call ahead)

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          Thanks guys! We ended up going to Stella's (tried Salad de Fruits, but they're closed Mondays). The service was great, the moules were great, but the fries were a bit on the salty side. Maybe they were trying to get us to buy more beer? Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll definitely check back here the next time the moules craving hits.

        2. The mussels at the Fish House in Stanley Park are also very good.

          1. I just had the moules frites at La Brasserie... they were fantastic. The mussels were plump and juicy, and the lemon parsley sauce was so good one of my dinner-mates wanted to drink it as a soup.

            As an aside, we also had the steak tartare which was really nicely seasoned and almost creamy-ish on the tongue, the gnocchi, and the suckling pig (which was what we came for and it definitely didn't disappoint).