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Sep 11, 2009 09:28 AM

If U R Ever in Pottsville, PA

Got a good recommend for a restaurant in the little burg of Pottsville close to my old home town. If anyone is in Schuylkill County (Pottsville is the county seat), visit Greystone Restaurant. Never in my life did I ever think a restaurant of that caliber would sustain in that podunk town, but it has. Whenever we are back in the "Coal Region," a visit to Greystone is on the menu; I'm sorry pardon the pun. Any more info wanted, just ask.


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  1. I'm glad to hear this. I have volunteered at the Hillside SPCA and frequently would walk the dogs in downtown Pottsville. Of course, the Greystone was never open on a Sunday when I would do my volunteering and I'm glad to know that it is a place I might enjoy. Have a special fondness for 'coal country' places that truly struggle to survive.

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      Glad to hear a good thing about the coal region. It's a diamond in the rough! I grew in Schuylkill County, and come back to visit on a few times a year. I'm always looking for some place to eat better than the chain restaurants. Although, I have an taste bud for Schuylkill County Italian such as Marrone's in Girardville. I've never heard of Greystone. can you tell me more about it?

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        Here's their website: directions and all.
        There are other sites, with reviews, but I feel they have stayed consistent in their product for some time. We visit occasionally, April 2009, was our last trip for my mom's burial. Their output is imaginative and consistent, as I said. The last trip previous to that one was at least two years before. It is HIGH END for the area, but still it's relaxed. There is a bar and on some nights their have jazz upstairs. Quite nice! Sorry I can't remember specific meals we've had, but DH and I usually make a point to be there if we are in PA's coal area. As you may know, Pottsville is the Schuylkill county seat and I reckon the lawyers and other semi-professionals support the restaurant. I believe the owners are NOT lacking in culinary credentials. The restaurant is an asset to the community, and I hope it sustains. If you go give me some feedback.

        Tell me more about Marrone's in Girardville. Italian is something I love and we are always on the lookout for good places. Since we're 2,000 miles away, it's difficult to keep up to date. The Republican doesn't do restaurant reviews? Best...

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          Try a screamer from Tony's lunch while you are at it. They are also in Girardville, just up the street from Ceniole's Pizza (sp).. Tehy open at 7;30pm and stay open until 1:30am... excellent

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            My husband and I are planning a trip to Hamburg in October. Can anyone recommend a place for dinner. So far, the only half decent place I found was the American House. We're pretty open to any food.....

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              The Westy is pretty good. Located on old 22. Gets kinda crowded...

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                It is a handmade hamburger with a hot sauce on it. Their hot dogs are called growlers..

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                  Marrone's is "homestyle" Italian, but I wouldn't call it authentic. It good home cooking Italian. I haven't had a Ceniole's pizza in years. Do they still have weird hours? As for hot sauce on burger's, I prefer Danny's Hot Sauce from the Boulevard Drive-In in Ashland, PA. As for Hamburg, I'm not so familiar. Sorry!

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                    When you call Ceniole's they tell you what time you pick the pie up.. If you are late, your pie is given to someone else.. so yes, they have wierd hours, you have to call no later than Wednesday to order a pie.

              2. re: flipperz71

                i have eaten burgers and dogs everywhere i've been and i never ate any that compare to Tony's Lunch. Screamers and growlers....In my experiences, i never met a burger or a dog that you can refrigerate for up to a week, take one out, nuke it and it will still be a better burger or dog than you can buy fresh from somewhere else...
                One time I was looking for a work paper in my cluttered car and from under the front passenger seat i found a hotdog(growler). It was winter and I hadn't been to Tonys in 5weeks, I took it into the workplace, nuked it and it was like i bought it the day before.
                the screamers and growlers from Tonys in Girardville (and now in Bloomsburg) are top of the foodchain when it comes to burgers and dogs.