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Sep 11, 2009 09:16 AM

Where to buy bulk foods in Manhattan?

I recently moved to Manhattan, and I was so used to getting all my grains/beans/lentils/treats! In the bulk bins in my Whole Foods in Boulder, CO. Sadly, the two Whole Foods I've been to here don't sell in bulk! What's up with that? I visited the one in Union Square and Columbus Circle. Is there a store where I can buy my favorite grains, etc. in bulk? I live in the UES and work in LES, so the East Side would be better, but I'm up for any and all suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. The new Whole Foods on W. 97th sells some bulk foods. A bigger selection can b found upstairs at Fairway (Broadway and 74th).

    1. The Whole Foods in Tribeca is the largest in Manhattan, and has a huge selection of bulk foods, including eight or nine different salts from around the world.

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        Good recommendation, I definitely need to check it out!

      2. Fresh Direct (order online and then delivered, as you probably know) is fantastic for bulk buying. Usually great prices and they do all the traveling and lifting for you.

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          nice! thank you all, i'll be checking them all out!

        2. Integral Yoga on 13 st. off of 7th ave (sorry-west side) has a pretty large selection of all sorts of bulk food including cereal, nuts, granola, dried mango, BODY LOTION, SHAMPOO, and lots of other stuff.