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Sep 11, 2009 09:04 AM

Best Old School Fancy Sunday Brunch for a wonderful grandmother?

My 95 year old Italian grandmother (Think Joe Pesci's mom in Goodfellas but way older) is coming into Manhattan for her birthday.

This is a woman who grew up in a village in Italy without running water and now calls me up and wants to discuss whether or not men in New York actually wear skinny jeans like she reads in the newspaper. She's an amazing woman and I love her very much. I only mention this to lure you into putting some thought into your answers.

I want to take her out to Sunday Brunch at a very fancy but old school place. She won't enjoy anything modern or trendy.

I'm thinking the Waldorf or something like that. Please give me your suggestions. You'll be doing a good thing for a great lady!


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        1. re: Jane A.

          Unless her sole criteria is wanting to be in the company of other grandmothers, I can't recommend the Water Club. It is a mediocre, overpriced brunch. You'd think for the price, they would have a large, good selection of food but its shoehorned into a tiny space.

          I went to a great brunch a few years ago at the Essex House with my grandparents-in-law. You order an entree from the waiter and supplement with a cold buffet. Everything was very good.

    1. I would have said Cafe des artistes but it closed.
      I'm sure the water club is nice, but would she have heard of it?
      What about one of the places in Rockefeller center with a nice view?

      1. It's wonderful that you're having the opportunity to treat your 95-year-old grandmother to a birthday brunch. There really aren't too many old-school places left. I haven't been but, perhaps, the Oak Room at the Plaza?

          1. NOugatine is good , Petrossian is excellent, the Modern, Normas in the Parker Meridian or Sarabeths(although not old school, excellent ) The Regency
            Also thinking maybe the Boat House or Tavern on the GReen(clearly not for the food but the ambiance)