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Sep 11, 2009 08:46 AM

Puyallup Fair there ANYTHING to eat there?

Is it just me, or has Fair food gone downhill? Maybe I just remember being 6 and eating an elephant ear the size of a hubcap, and thinking that was the greatest thing (or the sugar induced coma that followed has blurred my recollection?).

I am going to the Fair today, but am wondering if there are any hidden treasures that I should give a try?

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  1. As a native P-towner, I can understand what you are saying. It seems like every year the food gets more pre-prepared, less fresh, and more fried.

    I would suggest the fleishkeckle stand (badly misspelled) outside of the fair on the NW corner (at least that's where it was for the last few years). It is a meat turnover that is amazing. The scones on the inside of the fair are always a must. I like the fudge shop under the grandstands. And I'll usually spring for a bag of saltwater taffy (entrance to the grandstands). Other than that, you're in burger land and I cannot say one is better than the other.

    1. The fischer scones are oddly delicious.

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        in-DEED! love with the raspberry jam!

      2. Yes- it's rather depressing at the fair in regards to food. I even noticed that the stand with "french dips" was just heating up the frozen ones from Costco and one of the booths with pie was just cutting up mass produced bakery pies. Disappointing.... I guess one should eat elsewhere first and then have the scones for dessert!

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          Roasted corn is worth hunting for...I had a hard time finding it last year.