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Breakfast in So. Westchester - Larchmont, Pelham, New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mt. Vernon?

I'm still mourning the loss of the Thruway Diner. Soccer season is starting up and I'd love to establish a "breakfast tradition" before practice. Is there ANY place you would recommend in the area? I've combed through the obvious threads and haven't found anything suitable.

Larchmont Diner is only OK, Pelham Bay Diner is very uneven and expensive, the Pelham Cafe is dodgy. Anyone? Diner is preferred but "cafe" or other variants are welcome as well.

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  1. Mont Olympos Diner on Central Ave Yonkers... across from Kohl's. It has been consistently good for the past few years.
    For something a little "fancier", City Limits in White Plains, at the end of Rt 100.

    1. What about M.A.D. Cafe in Pelham or A.J's in New Rochelle? I've never been to M.A.D. but I've heard good things. And A.J's is great and CHEAP.

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        Does AJ's do breakfast? Mount Olympos is not exactly where they are looking.

        There is a diner at the corner of S. Columbus (RTE 22) and Fulton that I pass on the way to BJ's, called either Columbus Diner or Kasteli Diner. Has anyone been there?

        Also on Pondfield Road is the Pondfield cafe just past Bronx River Parkway at 3 Pondfield Road West, Bronxville (Yonkers). I have had some good breakfasts there when my ds went to a local daycare. It is pretty small.

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          A.J's does do breakfast. And they have great omelets etc

      2. Stanz on Chatsworth in Larchmont but only weekdays and Saturdays. They're closed on Sundays.

        1. Park Place Bagels in Bronxville (which, IMHO has the best bagels in Westchester), just expanded and has an actual restaurant now instead of just a take-out counter. I think everything from there very good.

          1. Thanks, WCH chowhounds - we'll go to AJ's tomorrow morning and report back. I'll have to try Stanz since laylag's recs have been good in the past. I'm also excited about the bagel recommendation.

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              The bagel place on Gramatan in Fleetwood is also awesome, though they don't really fulfill the rest of your requirements.

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                Well, I will put in a rec for Green Apples if you are in Fleetwood. It's a little hidden but if you are headed south on Grammatan, make a right at the Gas Station (that's Williams I think).

                Hey they even improved their Web page. I guess with the Athena gone, business may pick up there.


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                Thanks for the support Mark. We have been to AJ's for burgers but not for breakfast so am looking forward to hearing your review, please post.

                When you try Stanz, be prepared to wait - tiny space - also note that you order at the counter. It's charming and "neighborhoody" and the food is good. For even better, if you are willing to go as far as Rye, I highly rec "On the Way Cafe" which is on the way to Playland.


              3. if port chester works, do... Vinny's

                1. I'm a fan of Scarsdale Metro Restaurant in Scarsdale. It's a step above the standard greasy spoon. Great fresh ingredients and fast service.

                  1. Maria's Coffee Shop in Mount Vernon at the corner of First Ave and First Street. Terrific food, nice portions and good prices. Don't be fooled by the dated interior, they make a very good breakfast.

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                      I agree good food but parking can be an issue.

                    2. My boyfriend and I love Splendid on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains. Great breakfast for a great price! Quick friendly service as well.

                      1. I think my quest is over - Eileen's Country Kitchen in Yonkers. See my review - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/761041.

                        Oh, AJ's (recommended by Mary below) is very good for breakfast, too - cheap and kid friendly.

                        1. We like M.A.D. cafe...especially if you like coffee and lattes. One place I will wholeheartedly steer you away from is IHOP (across from Fairway in Pelham). God awful!

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                            there is a new restaurant country kitchen in the BJ's shopping center near Fairway in Pelham which was not bad. it may be a chain.

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                              Huhh...went to this place (because five guys burger was packed!) and it was horrible! The service was so bad, the waitress was laughing at something else while taking our order, the soda was flat and then she came back, apologized because she was distracted and wanted to verify my order, which she had incorrect. I had ordered the chicken fried steak, i got fried chicken instead and then got charged for roast beef which was more expensive and food wasn't even good...it tasted like chain restaurant food straight from the pantry at Costco!

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                                Look I went once. We had a waiter. Order was correct, food was not bad. Bill was correct. I like Costco. You should have complained to manager and had charges taken off your bill.

                                Last week i was on vacay and my husband's cousin took us to cheesecake factory. Not only did she send back her shrimp scampi just because it was too spicy, they did not charge her for it and the manager came to the table.

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                                  Well, the truth is, I NEVER COMPLAIN, at restaurants, services, etc. Not my style, i just take note and don't go back...it just bothered me so much that it was one thing on top of the other that was going wrong that day.

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                                    Complaining is worth it. If done politely.

                          2. A really nice spot for breakfast/brunch is Cafe Mozart in Mamaroneck. Great atmosphere, cozy, wonderful blueberry pancakes! Omelettes too. No need to go to a (ugh) diner!!

                            Cafe Mozart
                            308 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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                              Second Cafe Mozart. Wish it had more traffic-places like this are plentiful in Brooklyn and Manhattan but rare in Westchester.

                              Cafe Mozart
                              308 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

                            2. I like Hector's Village Luncheonette in Mamaroneck. It's a real greasy spoon, but they serve a full range of breakfast, including some Latino offerings. Service is friendly and they try pretty hard.

                              1. has anyone ever been to the diner at the corner of Fulton and Rte 22 near BJ's and Fairway?