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Sep 11, 2009 08:16 AM

best bo bun in chinatown?

hello hounds!

i was wondering if anybody knows where to get the best bo-bun in chinatown (or immediate surroundings...). i know there are a ton of vietnamese restaurants down there but i want to ensure that the one i go to is delish! it would be great if their soups were top notch as well...


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  1. Are you looking for bun bo with broth or the dry bun bo with dipping sauce and crushed peanuts?
    The first kind I don't have a recommendation. For the 2nd kind I like Pho Viet Huong.

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    1. re: nohofoods

      i'm looking for the dry bun with the noodles + herbs/lettuce + meat + spring roll. thanks!

    2. gosh i had a gangster one at new tu do (pork meatballs alarmingly red) with nice spring rolls; not sure if it is officially on the menu but I just asked the waiter for it. it was so damn savory I couldn't get over it and swore the MSG hand was shaken thoroughly.

      delicious tho and they were also serving a nice banh xeo with very nice vegetable garnishes too. I haven't ordered it at Xe Lua but I bet it would be good because they have some nice garnish with some of their other grilled meat + rice noodle DIY plates but perhaps someone else could concur (or not).