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Sep 11, 2009 07:58 AM

Cheapest Eats

yesterday I found a list from this board about the best dining deals/offers, discounts. It was great! My 17 year old son came into Cambridge to meet me after work for some mother/son time so I decided to try out one of the suggestions.. We went ot Grendel's Den for their 1/2 price food. Anything on the menu is half price between 5 and 7:30. Granted this is a college hangout, beer smelling place but for a teen starting the college search, it was the perfect atmosphere! The food was delicious and very filling. It was fresh, served relatively quickly by a really cool waiter. I also ordered a 1/2 carafe of Sangria ($11) which was quite tasty and packed a bit of a punch, YUM. The booze is not 1/2 price but I got about 4 glasses out of the pitcher. Grand total for two apps, two sandwiches,soft drinks for the boy and the sangria.....$26.00!!!! We tipped as though we had paid full price cuz the service really was excellent. I would definitely go back!
Anyone enjoyed some of the real bargain around town?

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  1. Roggies on chestnut hill ave in brighton has $0.25 (they might be $.30) wings from 4-7 every weekday with $1.40 beers.

    from 12-4 they have a lunch special that gets you a cup of soup, a sandwhich and fries, and a beer for $8.

    1. that new place MD1 at 90 harvard in allston (where savanabum kiri used to be) has specials from like 4:30 to 7 or something? they don't probably qualify as cheap east as many of them seemed more than $10 - but it is beer/soju food, not dinner food. and for what it is, you get decent portions.

      1. I am a frequent diner at Grendel's, and I disagree that it is a beer smelling place. I wouldn't even consider it a college hangout. It's more of a mixed crowd, with plenty of people well above college age. The food is very good, the Sangria is great. We're big fans of the fondue. Always good to tip well when the meal is such a deal!
        I would recommend Gitlo's on Brighton Ave, except I haven't been there since the original chef left, and I haven't read good things about it now. Dok Bua on Harvard St. in Brookline is very reasonably priced, and byob.