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Sep 11, 2009 07:41 AM

Downtown Chinese restaurant for dinner banquet?

I'm looking for a downtown Chinese restaurant for a banquet style dinner for my rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal is at Atlantis (Ontario Place) and I wanted to pick a Chinese restaurant not too far away to have the dinner. I probably won't do the full 10 course wedding-style banquet, but maybe 5-7courses.

Parking would also be a nice to have, but I know may not be possible downtown. Also, before people say Lai Wah Heen, I don't want to spend more than $500 per table (all in). I'm considering Pearl at Harbourfront, as that's the only one I can think of right now.


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  1. I think the Pearl is your best bet. The others decent places I can think Lee Garden on Spadina or Dynasty on Bloor are not as convenient to/from Ontario Place (and also in the case of Lee Garden - the tables are too close together.) I think E-pan on Spadina has one banquet-sized table.

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      The place where Gold Leaf used to be is now People's Eatery. The name sounds like a fast food place but it's decent traditional Cantonese, maybe just slightly below the level of E-Pan, as they don't have much fancy dishes on the menu but probably available on request. The decor is one of the nicest on that strip. Upstairs they have 2 tables for 8-10 I believe. Parking is an issue. 307 Spadina.

    2. I've been to banquets at both Pearl Harbourfront and Dynasty. It was some time ago and I can't remember the dishes, but do recall the food at both was tasty and the service excellent.

      There's a huge parking lot right next to the west side of the Queen's Quay building, where Pearl Harbourfront is located. Don't remember the rates but probably typical for downtown - it wasn't a Green P lot, so likely more $. I parked there because I was running late and picked the closest lot.

      Dynasty at the Colonnade has underground parking; I seem to recall getting my ticket stamped or getting a token; at any rate, they comped the parking for all the guests. I don't know if that was arranged/paid for as part of the banquet or if it's something they do for all patrons all the time.

      Hope this helps.