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Sep 11, 2009 07:38 AM

quiet, moderate to upscale Sunday night dinner in downtown Montreal

Where would you go for dinner on a Sunday night?

Looking for a French, Italian or Mediterranean dinner that would be within a 20 minute walk from a hotel on Sherbrooke W near Peel.

To give you an idea of the type of restaurants I enjoy, I've enjoyed meals at Ferreira, Milos, Lemeac and APDC, and wasn't that impressed with meals at Rosalie, Europea and Le Latini. It looks like Ferreira is closed on Sunday according to their website,otherwise I would have been tempted to return. Is there another restaurant of similar quality nearby?

I've also liked meals at Renoir, but I don't feel like dining inside a hotel- it's located in the Sofitel for people who aren't familiar with its location.

I'm considering the Sunday night special at Milos, but I'm not sure I'm going to be in the mood for Greek food that night, so I'd like to have a short list of good options downtown.

Thanks for any suggestions you have!

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  1. i heard bronte isn't too bad and you have one restaurant at the corner of guy and sherbrooke where there are a few ferraris parked in front. I have no idea of the name nor if it's good, i just figured that ferraris = upscale :P

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    1. re: mak2k

      thanks for the Bronte rec! Has anyone dined there recently? What is the price range for the mains? The website doesn't list the prices.

      1. re: phoenikia

        We went to Brontë this spring and while it was okay, well presented and well served, it was not a memorable experience for the price. I would have suggested Decca77 but it looks like they are closed on Sundays.

        1. re: phoenikia

          I was going to suggest Europea (my favourite) but note that you don't like it. I went to Bronte a little less than a year ago, and hated it - combinations that did not work, undercooked lobster, tough meat, etc., and definitely overpriced for the quality.

          1. re: souschef

            It's not that I didn't like Europea, I just wasn't incredibly impressed by my meal, so I haven't been back because I have so many other places to try.

            I liked the various amuses bouche, and the desserts, but one of my seafood dishes was overcooked, and the flavours in that dish didn't work for me. Interestingly, tough,overcooked lobster in one of the dishes was a problem the night I was there.

            Interesting, innovative menu, but it fell a little short of my expectations. But I would return again, especially if someone else was paying!

            But thanks for mentioning that you hated Bronte, and the reasons why- that steered me away from Bronte.

            1. re: phoenikia

              I hope you find someone else to pay so you can return to Europea, as I have had great meals there many times; I don't think I have ever had lobster there, though.

              When I go elsewhere I miss all of the extra amuse bouches you get at Europea. I think the cotton candy is a blast !

              1. re: souschef

                I agree, the extra amuse bouches at Europea are pretty neat. Hopefully the trend will catch on at other Montreal restaurants.

                The lobster dish I tried was 2 years ago, so it's quite possible that they've retired that particular dish from their repertoire.

        2. re: mak2k

          I actually quite liked Bronte when I went last year. Service and food were impeccable. It is a little pricey (I don't quite remember the range as I was treated). I really liked the crispy sweetbread appetizer.

          1. re: Andria

            I thought the sweetbread appetizer was a rather confused dish that did not work, with sweetbreads, chorizo, squid, and (I think) some sort of seafood foam all on the same plate. I decided to try it as the combination was so unusual.

            I thought it was rather strange that when the waiter cleared a plate with uneaten, undercooked lobster, he did not ask any questions.

            1. re: souschef

              Hmm, would I agree A good waiter would wonder/notice/ask. It's not like you could have been full.

              But, that appetizer did work for me... I wished I had it as my main.

            2. re: Andria

              They have started some new line cooks at Bronte recently and they are not quite up to their game yet. I was disapointed last week.

          2. How about Il Cortile is opened on Sunday. It's an Italian place on Sherbrooke, very close to Peel (1442 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest), good food, not in the crazy expensive range, great terasse, located in the back, very nice and quiet.

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            1. re: sweettoothMTL

              Thanks for the Il Cortile rec- I've walked by here dozens of times, but I've never dined there. Are there any particular dishes you'd recommend?

              Also, does Il Cortile have a website or do they have an online menu posted on any other websites? I couldn't find a website through a quick search.

              1. re: Chocolatine

                I was at Il Cortile on wednesday night; I recommend it also, the courtyard is charming,
                protected from the elements, many choices, the food is excellent, they serve you a free small plate of pasta between courses.

                More west, as mak2k mentioned, is Bice, more expensive than Il Cortile, very good also, a bit more glitzy. Call first for both, Bice does a lot of private functions and close to the public. Il Cortile can be busy also, it was packed on wednesday night.

                1. re: superbossmom

                  Thanks for the Bice rec- and nice to know the food is quite good.

                  Foodwise, would you choose Bice or Il Cortile, regardless of cost?

                  1. re: phoenikia

                    I would choose Bice over Il Cortile. It's getting a bit cold to eat outside and the indoors there is nothing special. Also, last time I went to Il Cortile in July the food went very downhill. My husbands filet mignon was horrible and my pasta was nothing special.

                    Another good option is Ariel on Drummond. The food is very good and the restaurant is very charming (sorry, just realized its closed Sunday!).

                2. re: Chocolatine

                  Thank you for the link- hadn't heard about l'Aromate before your post;)
                  The multigrain risotto with duck confit, asparagus, spinach and foie gras sounds interesting!

                  1. re: phoenikia

                    another one, just a little bit over 20 minute walk, would be the XO St-James, They are closed until Oct 5 for kitchen work, due to their good press and recent awards. It would surely be upscale...79$ tasting menu and other expensive options listed on the web site:) I heard they have a great lunch menu, about 30$, which I intend to try once they reopen.

                  2. re: Chocolatine

                    So, we tried l'Aromate. Nice room, friendly service, but surprisingly noisy on a Sunday night. The tables were full.

                    Tasty fresh baguette was brought to our table immediately, with balsamic, olive oil, and marinated olives. And offers to fill our basket as soon as it was empty.

                    I started with the soup of the day, a cream of mushroom which was a dark grey mushroom colour, with a texture more like vichysoisse than most mushroom soups. Nice mushroom flavour, with fried leeks as an accent.

                    My main, cuisses de canard with garlic mash and fig sherry reduction, was ok. Generous portion of duck, not too greasy. Probably would order something else on another visit. My friend ordered the multigrain risotto with duck confit, asparagus, spinach and foie gras. His comment was that he thought rice risotto tasted better. I didn't try his dish.

                    We shared the tarte au sucre, which was a large portion for $7. I liked the tarte au sucre, but admit, I haven't tried many versions, so I'm not sure how this version compares to others.

                    Our servers were very friendly, I just wished I ordered another main.

                    Reasonable value, and generous portions, our meal came to just over $80.

                    As we walked to L'Aromate, we found out that Ferreira is open on Sunday nights, even though it isn't mentioned on their website (which states they are open Monday to Saturday, if I recall correctly). We decided to try L'Aromate, to give another establshment a chance. L'Aromate is ok for what it is, but Ferreira would still be my 1st choice on Peel if I was given a choice!

                    1. re: phoenikia

                      You HAVE had the truffled potatoes at Ferreira, I hope.

                      1. re: souschef

                        Not yet...maybe I'll have the truffled potatoes on my next Sunday night dinner in Montreal.

                        Should I return to Ferreira or give Ristorante Bice a try next time I dine in Montreal on a Sunday night? Is Ristorante Ridi worth a visit?

                        Ristorante Bice
                        1504, Rue Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, QC H3G 1L3, CA

                        1. re: phoenikia

                          I haven't tried Ridi yet, but based on the food at Peppino's other (or former?) place, Sapori Pronto in Westmount, I am planning a visit soon.
                          You could try Fino on Sherbrooke corner Guy. It may be a bit quiet on a Sunday night, but it is welcoming and the food has been consistently good.
                          Bice is great on a nice, warm evening out on their patio.

                          1. re: HungryLurker

                            I had reserved a table at Bice for Sunday, but they called and cancelled the reservation due to a private party. Dined at Bice's patio for dinner last night, on a Monday, and it was fine. Liked the selection of breads and spreads which were brought to the table. Delicious mozzarella di bufala in their caprese salad, and a decent mezzalune with artichoke and tomato. Quite a busy place on a Monday night.

                            We dined at Ferreira on Sunday night, and tried the cataplana and seafood rice on this visit. Would be happy to order either dish again on another visit to Montreal ;-)