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Sep 11, 2009 07:33 AM

Rec for quiet dinner meeting within walking dist of Moscone on Sat night next month

Will be in town for the big Ophthalmology meeting, would like to take a potential job candidate out for dinner. There will be 6 in our party, would like to spend <$50pp for food. Any cuisine ok (but would prefer things we can't get in San Antonio, like great Asian or Cal food) , would prefer walking distance of Moscone. It would be on saturday, 10/24. The big issue is we need someplace where we can hear each other without screaming. There is an older couple with us and he dosn't hear very well if there's background noise. They could care less about the food quality, but I don't want to waste one of my 4 nights there on anything that's not chowhound worthy!

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  1. Take a look at Le Charm. It's quiet, small, in your price range, and within walking distance of Moscone Center. It's a lovely little restaurant with good food.

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      Thanks, I checked out the online menu, looks decent enough. I figure most of the popular restaurants will be too noisy for us on a Saturday night, unless we can go really high-end. Would prefer something other than a French Bistro if possible, any suggestions for some place with more interesting food?

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        Ame is probably more high-end than you want but the tables in the corner are pretty quiet. The food was really good and satisfied adventurous and more normal appetites.

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          Mochica (Peruvian) is quiet.

          Pazzia is pretty noisy when it's full.

      2. A few more suggestions

        50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

        937 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

        Pazzia Restaurant
        337 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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          Paul, great suggestion with Ducca. I'd forgotten about that one. It's got more big-city panache than my original suggestion, plus it's possible to carry on a conversation without shouting. I had a very nice dinner with a group of five or six and we could all hear each other around a round table.

        2. Thanks, both Ducca and Mochica look far more interesting than Le Charm. I may look into the Chef's Table at Ducca, has anyone done that?

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            Woops...the restaurant I referred to should have been Luce, not Ducca.

            1. re: DandySF

              Luce, in the InterContinental Hotel @ 5th and Howard is also a good suggestion.

          2. Has anybody been to any of these places lately? I've been looking around and have seen mixed reviews on Ducca and Mochica.
            I've booked the Chef's Table at Ducca since it was available that night, but am still open to other suggestions.