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Sep 11, 2009 07:07 AM

spün anyone?

Has anyone been to spün yet in the powderhouse rotary? I've been reading more about the yogurt trend finally hitting Boston so I'm curious. Lately my wife and I have been getting most of our yogurt from the chilly cow or the capitol creamery in Arlington, but this is nice and close to us too. A nice drive-through of East Asia and spün would make for a nice takehome!

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  1. Where in the rotary is this? What did it replace? I live fairly nearby, but don't drive by that regularly, so this is the first I've heard about it. I'm curious now! I like Berryline, which isn't that far away in Cambridge, but this would be even closer.

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      Seems to be 860 broadway, next to east asia.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I live right around the corner so I figured I'd swing by and try them out. I can't say I'm really a frozen yogurt connoisseur, but I thought the yogurt was fairly good. They had two flavors: original and coconut. I tried a sample of each -- the original was not too sweet, although to my taste could have used a bit more tang. The coconut had only a hint of coconut flavor, and didn't really impress me. Decent selection of toppings -- a range of fruit, candy, and chocolate -- although the cup the yogurt is served in was too small to really hold the yogurt toppings in addition to the yogurt. Considering the toppings are almost as expensive as the yogurt, this isn't ideal. Hopefully this will improve as they work out the kinks.

        I'm not sure I'd make a special trip, but it seems like a decent option if you are in the neighborhood, and it is nice to see something open up in that stretch of storefronts that seem like they've been empty for a while.

        The name is really annoying, though. And if you dislike superfluous umlauts, their website will really make you angry:

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          Thanks for that report. I don't think I'll rush over to try it, but will check it out sometime. The name is a bit precious, and it looks like they want to umlaut to help form a smiley face for their logo. Cutesy, but I'm willing to overlook it if the yogurt's any good.

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            More annoying than needless umlauts (hello Mötley Crüe) is the fact that the web site only connects to Facebook and Twitter. Or am I missing something? God, I hate Twitter.

          2. I stopped in the day after they opened, my yogurt was very good, I had fresh strawberries with mine, yum!
            I guess I didn't give the name much thought, I go with their store, their choice. Personally I liked the bright colorful interior. I will be back, it's addicting.

            1. My wife and I went last night. The menu is pretty standard Pinkberry-style frozen yogurt with original and another flavor available every day. The shop is cute, but seating is very limited. I thought the yogurt was creamier and less icy than what you get at Pinkberry or Berryline, closer to the soft yogurt you'd get at a place like Chilly Cow. The fruit toppings were fresh and the candy toppings looked good.

              They do need to get deeper cups so that they have room to pile toppings on (the guy who made mine wound up practically pasting mango bits onto one side of the yogurt), so I probably wouldn't go beyond 1-2 toppings until they sort that out. Overall, it's a cute little shop and will hopefully be kept in business by Tufts students (about 20 freshmen walked in right after we got our yogurt).

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                Was the flavor still coconut? It would be nice if their website had at least the flavor of the day.