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Sep 11, 2009 06:37 AM

The Niagara Prosciutto - is it the goodness or just the hype

Yes? Hi! We have been hearing more and more about the Prosciutto coming from the Niagara (you know the Niagara Falls).

We are wanting to know if the quality is the goodness or it is the just the excitement to make the ontario food better looking than it is.

Maybe you can tell if we should try it or not. Vashi said to try it anyway and be the judge (then parm (parminder) said Vashi is like the the judge Judy) but I said I dont know.

What are your thoughts on the new Prosciutto from the Niagara (Falls).

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  1. I have tried the Pingue Niagara Prosciutto and it is very good. Just slightly leaner than a top Italian Prosciutto. Pasquale Bros. in Etobicoke has it for $55 a kilo.

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    1. re: tasoid

      Fiesta Farms carries Pingue. I prefer something a bit drier like the spanish hams. Pingue makes capocollo too which is tasty but also not dry enough.
      Maybe its just this batch. Nice to have something without nitrates though.

    2. It is ok, but not sure if it's worth the steep price tag. They definitely reaped a lot of coverage w/ their products, from local media to chef's name dropping "Pingue" on menus.

      I actually think the prosciutto by Healthy Butcher is better, that isn't cheap either. They also do sell Pingue's stuff.

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        1. I've tried the Pingue from Scheffler's at the market and was a little disappointed, perhaps because my expectations were high by all the hype. I imagine it's getting a lot of push from the eat local drive. Having said that, I'm going to give it another try when I get a chance.

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          1. re: JamieK

            I too agree with you JamieK! Pingue, IMO, is over-priced and over-rated. In fact, the aged ( 18 months? ) Prosciutto de Parma I bought from Schefflers a couple of weeks back was much much tastier. Sweeter, less salty and moist! And cheaper too I think?!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              yes I agree. About a week after my disappointment I bought some Italian prosciutto from Scheffler's (not sure if it was the 18-mo) and it was so much more satisfying, with nice moisture and flavour.

              However, I guess because of the hype still and because I do want to support local suppliers, I will give Pingue another chance. Although the price point, as you suggest, is challenging.

              1. re: JamieK

                JamieK, what about Maselli's, they're practically in your 'hood.

                1. re: Full tummy

                  yes you're right, I will try when I get the chance! But believe it or not, I'm rarely in that part of the neighbourhood. Most of the time I end up further west near the Globe. And if I'm planning to do this kind of shopping (as opposed to, like, Loblaws), I actually find it easier to zip down to the SLM, lots of parking, lots of other places to visit.

          2. Do you have a preferred prosciutto already? (That would give us a point of reference.) Aside from the places already mentioned, I have purchased PIngue products at Leslieville Cheese.

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            1. re: Full tummy

              Personally, I prefer the sweeter taste of Prosciutto di San Daniele over the nuttier taste of Prociutto di Parma. Any decent 'Italian' supermarket, be it Longo's, Michael-Angelos, Weston Produce. Great Cheese Factory.... should carry at least one or two Italian imports Just make sure they have the Ducel Crown Label as proof of quality. So far I havn't done any 'horizontal tasting' of Italian Prosciutto in Toronto. However, I did once carried out a taste test of over 10 different hams in Hong Kong ranging from the French Bayonne to the Italian Prosciutto to the Spanish Serano and Iberico to Portuguese and Argentinian counterparts! Nothing can beat a 36 months Spanish Jamon Iberico de Balota. Yuuumm but damn expensive though!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Have you ever tried Maselli's prosciutto (from Maselli's Supermarket), on Danforth near Jones? They cure it themselves. Might be worth trying. I have purchased it a few times and enjoyed it for the most part, though on one occasion it was too salty!

                1. re: Full tummy

                  I found that market the other day, completely by accident. Their ham was fantastic. Every bit as good as an Italian import. Cost about $4 for 100gms.

                  1. re: munchieHK

                    I live across the street from Masellis. Top-notch proscuitto! It is in general a terrific place to shop, especially for Italian foods. The prices and quality are bvoth good, and it is just around the corner from Donlands subway station. After you shop there you can pop into The Only Cafe for a drink too ;-)