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Best Pho in/around DC?

Weigh in? I am going to pick one for 24 in 24: DC and I need some recommendations.

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  1. Pho Reston 75 in Tall Oaks - not related to the local chain.

    Not sure if you can do 24 in 24 for pho...

    1. Pho 75 in Arlington on Wilson Blvd (between Courthouse & Rosslyn areas)...
      or Pho Kim at Rose Hill Shopping Center in Alexandria (Franconia)

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      1. Pho Hot in Annandale, in the shopping plaza where Little River Turnpike and Markham St. intersect.

        Also, we had a very good bowl at the relatively new Pho TIME in Eden Center, on the same side as Huong Viet, a door or two down from the tofu shop.

        1. Pho Tay Ho at 6015 Leesburg Pike, in Falls Church. It's in Culmore, near Bailey's Crossroads.

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            This is the one I go to the most. I love this place. They also have good crispy and greasy cha gio.

            1. Pho Hiep Hoa. Up in Silver Spring Maryland, right behind the AFI Silver Theater. Full complement of garnish adds the flavor on top, while the beef broth provides a full, round, solid base. I stick with the thin sliced rare beef.

              Take the Red line to Silver Spring, exit and walk uphill on Colesville Road past the Discovery building and into a shopping mall (don't let the environs scare you away). Head up the stairs and walk down a bit.

              1. I like Pho 75 (all locations) the most.

                Pho 95 in Rockville (355 and Wooton Parkway) is great if some in your party want to eat other dishes. They recently started serving the sweet and sour soup. So tasty!

                1. Pho Golden Cow across from Loehman's in Falls Church at 50 and Graham Rd. They have other dishes besides the soup too.