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Best Espresso drinks in Manhattan...so far

Okay, thus far my picks in order for best lattes/cappuccinos:

1) Joe the Art of Coffee (nothing else seems to compare)
2) Stumptown (newly opened in Ace Hotel)
3) 9th Street Espresso
4) Taralucci E Vino
5) Everyman Espresso

Honorable mention: Abraco, Third Rail, Local

I was not that blown away by Grumpy, Think, or Jacks. Although the drip is good at all those places. I hear good things about, but have not yet tried, Gimme or Via Quadrono.

This is of, course, totally subjective, but I'm curious if there are any others I should know about.

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  1. I don't care that much about espresso, but my friends who do think highly of The Roasting Plant.


    1. Taralucci E Vino has something wonderful I haven't seen elsewhere: the shakerato. I think it's an espresso shaken with ice as you like it (milk, sugar, or not) and served in a martini glass. It tastes as good as it looks.

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        lavazza pushes the shakerato all over italy last summer
        here is my recipe
        triple espresso
        then put a huge spoonful of a great jam or preserves
        then let the fruit dissolve
        then put into a martini shaker full of ice
        then shake vigorously
        i drink it straight from the shaker
        a varaition is to pour into a tall glass half full of seltzer
        cream or milk is an obvious additon but i prefer black
        and certainly no0 sugar

      2. the espresso at gimme is excellent...its my second favorite under la colombe.

        1. My top 5:
          1. Everyman, when Sam or Bryce is working
          2. Stumptown
          3. Everyman, when anyone else is working
          4. 9th Street
          5. ??? . . . looks like I need to go to Taralucci

          I agree that Grumpy is better for drip than espresso.

          I have to dissent on the Roasting Plant. It strikes me as a gimmick that doesn't deliver very good coffee.

          1. Zibetto on 6th ave and 56th is pretty good.

            1. I've had some unimpressive drinks at Taralucci E Vino, but love Abraco and Everyman.

              How about Cafe Pedlar on Clinton St? I haven't been yet, but also serving stumptown, I believe.

              1. Culture on 38th Street between 5th and 6th is pretty decent. They also have items like affogato (though I had a terrible one today -- the gelato was defrosted and frozen again -- tons of ice crystals). They were also offering espresso granita and whipped cream at one point (like Zuni Cafe in San Francisco), which is one of my favorite desserts out there. I didn't see it on the menu today, but that doesn't mean they don't have it as the affogato I ordered was off-menu as well.

                1. Joe the art of coffee is the ultimate in coffee pretension. Zibetto on 56h and 6th is the real deal. Can't beat El Malecon or La Floridita for Latin espresso. No need for all the bells and whistles.

                  1. Big fan of Stumptown...great espresso w/ no weird/burnt aftertaste.


                    1. I was just at 9th street yesterday and was totally mind blown about how good it was (hence Why I found this link). I'm hoping to hit Joe the Art of Coffee today!