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Sep 11, 2009 05:41 AM

Best Espresso drinks in far

Okay, thus far my picks in order for best lattes/cappuccinos:

1) Joe the Art of Coffee (nothing else seems to compare)
2) Stumptown (newly opened in Ace Hotel)
3) 9th Street Espresso
4) Taralucci E Vino
5) Everyman Espresso

Honorable mention: Abraco, Third Rail, Local

I was not that blown away by Grumpy, Think, or Jacks. Although the drip is good at all those places. I hear good things about, but have not yet tried, Gimme or Via Quadrono.

This is of, course, totally subjective, but I'm curious if there are any others I should know about.

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  1. I don't care that much about espresso, but my friends who do think highly of The Roasting Plant.

    1. Taralucci E Vino has something wonderful I haven't seen elsewhere: the shakerato. I think it's an espresso shaken with ice as you like it (milk, sugar, or not) and served in a martini glass. It tastes as good as it looks.

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        lavazza pushes the shakerato all over italy last summer
        here is my recipe
        triple espresso
        then put a huge spoonful of a great jam or preserves
        then let the fruit dissolve
        then put into a martini shaker full of ice
        then shake vigorously
        i drink it straight from the shaker
        a varaition is to pour into a tall glass half full of seltzer
        cream or milk is an obvious additon but i prefer black
        and certainly no0 sugar

      2. the espresso at gimme is excellent...its my second favorite under la colombe.

        1. My top 5:
          1. Everyman, when Sam or Bryce is working
          2. Stumptown
          3. Everyman, when anyone else is working
          4. 9th Street
          5. ??? . . . looks like I need to go to Taralucci

          I agree that Grumpy is better for drip than espresso.

          I have to dissent on the Roasting Plant. It strikes me as a gimmick that doesn't deliver very good coffee.

          1. Zibetto on 6th ave and 56th is pretty good.