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Sep 11, 2009 05:30 AM

Indian Shores Christmas Vacation Food

I am vacationing with my family the day before Christmas eve up to the day before New Years Eve and I am trying to find GOOD not touristy places to eat in the Indian Shores and Clearwater areas. We visited the same place 3 years ago and could not find any decent food outside of the Salt Rock Cafe. Crabby Bills was fakey and gross and a waste of time and money and we were not impressed by Shepards. Any suggestions for good places to eat and a place to eat for Christmas dinner?

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  1. I too am going to Indian Shores this Christmas with family and hope there are some good recommendations (sorry I have no info and am piggybacking on your post...). I would also like some recommendations for buying fresh seafood to cook back at the condo.

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      While I agree with Sweetpoke on Crabby Bills restaurant their seafood retail is good. I hope you have a great holiday. Juli

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        In Redington Shores (just south of Indian Shores) there is a fresh seafood market called The Reef Seafood Market. I found it a bit pricey, but freshly "caught" seafood is delivered to their wharf out back, and it looked "fresh".

        As far as I know, this seafood store is not related to Reef Restaurant in St. Pete Beach. I used to like The Reef restaurant, but it has declined in type of clientele and service (as of last March 2010). Has it changed? I'll find out when I return soon to Pinellas for 3 months.

        Bit of a surprise was the nice seafood lunch we had January 2009 on the back patio of a small bar/restaurant just a few doors south of The Reef Seafood Market in Redington Shores called Wahoo's Waterside Pub. Nothing spectacular, but seemed to be fresh seafood that we were served. Very small place, actually.

      2. Years ago I worked at the Wine Cellar in North Redington Beach and they did a delish Christmas Dinner, very traditional. I had dinner there two weeks ago and it was very good, so I would hope Christmas would be the same. Also Rusty's at the Sheraton got a good review from the St. Pete Times a while back. Unfortunately not a huge selection in IRB for Christmas. Enjoy the great weather Juli

        1. I like Cachette de la Plage for yummy French in a cozy atmosphere. It's a BYOB with no corkage, which can save you money if you're a wino like me.

          Did you try Guppy's the last time you visited? I've enjoyed every meal I've ever had there (and there've quite a few of them).

          There's also a Columbia Restaurant on Sand Key (just north of Indian Rocks Beach and south of Sand Key). It's a small chain, but sort of a Florida institution and quite popular for Spanish cuisine.

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            I ditto the recs for Guppy's and Columbia. Keegan's (down the road a spell from Guppy's) is also good, no-nonsense Florida seafood. Maggie Mae's, next to Columbia, isn't bad for b'fast. For great sushi, try Kiko on Clearwater Beach. Clear Sky Cafe, also on CB, has good, reasonable fare for b'fast, lunch and dinner.

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              Was in town for a meeting and scanned the board for rec's. We ate at Guppy's and were very happy. Good food and good service.
              Thanks to the board for the rec.

            2. As an update for all who are looking for holiday food this year, we ended up eating at Salt Rock Cafe again (always wonderful), the Conch Republic (one of my most favoriate lunch spots), the Columbia (we had appetizers and were satisfied, but not overwhelmed) and bought a bunch of seafood and grilled out on Christmas day and ate in the condo for dinner. It was a much better culinary experience than our first trip to Indian Shores.