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Sep 11, 2009 12:16 AM

5 days in Amsterdam

Hello all,

My wife and I are going to be in Amsterdam the beginning of October, 5 days total. Looking for suggestions on food, beer and wine spots in the city. NIce local spots. We are both adventurous eaters, so we are looking for all types of food, as well as great little bars to hang at. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. All types of food? No problem, I’ll take a first crack at giving you some suggestions...

    Hap Hmm: Solid Dutch home cooking. Not open late or on weekends.
    Café Loetje: Buttery steaks, and that's pretty much it. Expect a long wait
    De Blauwe Hollander: Touristy, but I like their stamppot (boerenkool and rookworst is my fave)
    Struisvogel: Pretty good 3 course meal. The price is right

    Tempo Doeloe: If you must have rijsttafel, this is a popular choice.
    Blauw: Haven't been yet, but it has been suggested by others (dutchgrub)
    Bojo: More bang for your buck. Good place to try Indo food without making a big deal out of it

    Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis: Tiny place that may only be open 8 hours or so a week. Try the slavisch.
    Pancake Bakery: Touristy and not as good, but more reliable hours and a wider selection
    Pancakes!: Another place I haven't been to yet, but has been recommended by dutchgrub
    [Note: There isn't a strong breakfast culture in the NL, so these are often served during lunch and dinner times. Also, you can go REALLY wrong with these - so I wouldn't advise just dropping in anywhere that serves pannenkoeken. Gross.]

    --Gourmet / Upscale--
    De Kas: Fresh, fantastic food served in a converted greenhouse. Vegetable intensive. Set menu changes daily, and they will happily make adjustments for dietary needs.
    De Witte Uyl: Menu changes seasonally. You get two main courses in lieu of a starter. Great vegetarian options.

    --Argentine Steakhouses--
    Yeah, right. Do not seek the treasure! If you must, 8 (ocho) is less bad than the other places. But still.

    Sherpa: Tibetan / Nepalese. Tasty, and the owners are friendly
    Los Pilones: Good (for Europe) Mexican food. Two locations
    Wagamama: Chain restaurant serving different variations of asian noodle/soup/rice dishes.
    Thai Bird Snackbar: Most people prefer the (crowded) snackbar, not to be confused with the restaurant across the street with the same name

    --TakeAway / TakeOut / ToGo--
    Uliveto: Fantastic Italian food (great selection of olive oil), options change frequently. You can eat there as well, and if you do - the best deal is to go with 4+ people and ask to try a little of everything.
    Peperwortel: Wide variety, perhaps mainly Mediterranean?
    [Note: Walk to Wok and Maoz Vegetarian are both very popular and economical choices, but they gross me out]

    --Street Food--
    Herring: Served raw with or without onions or pickles, whole or cut up into pieces. Fantastic! But, not for everyone.
    French fries: Available everywhere, but I prefer Vleminckx.
    FEBO: Best visited late at night when it is super crowded. I think everyone should try it once, but beware that it may be the worst food you've ever had. Kaas souffles are okay.
    Poffertjes: Lil puffed pancakes with a mushroom cloud of powdered sugar.
    Oliebollen: Deep fried, child's-fist-sized balls of dough. Can be addictive.

    --Other foods to try--
    Roti: Surinamese. Curry with potatoes, your choice of protein, and an indian-style flatbread
    Turkish pizza: tasty toppings on flatbread, typically rolled up

    --Bars / Cafes--
    't Ij Brewery: Drink beer under a windmill! Open around 15h-20h daily.
    Gollum: Gargantuan selection of beers, including belgians. Two locations.
    [Note: Many many more recommended places, but I'm running out of steam and stopping here]

    There are other places I'm missing (Morrocan, Turkish, etc.), but hopefully this is good enough to start with!

      1. there's a good chinese place up by the end of OZ voorburwal, and my favorite place to eat is du lac, on haarlemerstraat, i believe.

        the pancakehaus on prinzengracht is a good choice. also look for smoked eel, they do it right.

        you can get good stuff in the outdoor market at nieuwmarket as well.