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Sep 10, 2009 09:36 PM

Opinion on Delilahs

Has anyone ever tried Delilahs? It's listed mainly as a martini bar, but has anyone tried the food?

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  1. (Vancouver)

    Delilah's was a great place way back. It was one of the first places in town you can get decent martinis. Last time I was there, the food wasn't anything special. I hear fairly recent reports that it hasn't changed.

    1. I have to agree with fmed - Years (dare I say decades) ago, the whole experience was great. Now, the food rates a six at best. Also, the new location on Comox lacks the vibe of their old location. OK in a pinch but I wouldn't go there if your goal is to wow your guests.

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      1. re: hrhsheba

        The old location on Haro (which became Parkside) was magic. I had many a great evening there....20 (?!) or so years ago.

      2. one of the last times i was there - there was about 8 of us for someone's birthday.....

        we waited forever for everything!!! i didn't even get my order, when that was pointed out, they told me i couldn't have the dish (i think it was chicken or something, this was a few years ago now) because it would take too long........seriously?! anyhow, nothing was done about it, i think i got charged for it too, it was just a mess. i wrote an email to the manager, they gave me a gift certificate that a friend and i used for martini's....

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        1. re: pants

          They make a good martini, but that's about it. The last time we went there was for an anniversary dinner and we ordered a nice bottle of red wine. The wine was served in wine glasses that were covered in that icky white cloudiness from too many times in the dishwasher. When we complained the waiter laughed and said, oh, i guess we should invest in new ones and brought us new glasses that weren't all that much better. I wouldn't serve wine at home in these glasses and certainly didn't expect that at a so called "fine dining" establishment. It was always more the atmosphere over the food anyways even at the old location, but needless to say after the wine glass experience, we have never gone back, nor would we.

          1. re: lominator

            The bartender (Louie) and manager (Damian) who ran the old Delilah's moved to Chilliwack to open Bravo Bistro (IIRC).

            Has anyone been? I hear good things.