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Sep 10, 2009 07:26 PM

for our 10th anniversary: omakase up to around $150 per person?

My spouse and I are having our 10th anniversary in November. After thinking about the kinds of cuisine we like, we realize that what we'd most like to do is omakase at a Japanese place. (For my 50th birthday which was when we were living in LA, we did Matsuhisa and loved it.) We live in the Village and have been to O-men multiple times and like it but want something else. But that would be the sort of place -- in decor, quality, and price -- that we'd love to find an equivalent of. We can travel, I suppose, although it would be great to be able to stroll back home rather than subway or taxi (which I don't find romantic). Our budget could go up to $150 per person (although 100 or so would be better) so Masa type places are out. Since this is a special night, quiet would be good, and it would be good that it be a place that takes reservations. Any ideas?

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  1. Sushi Yasuda is an obvious choice as it delivers one of the best omakase experiences in NYC. It should be around $100-130 per person. Yasuda's main competition would be Kurumazushi ($200-250+) and the sushi portion of Masa ($350+); relatively, it's a good value.

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      the best sushi spots arent exactly 'romantic' per se, but yasuda would be the would be ushiwakamaru in my opinion...who do a fantastic omakase. its in your hood as well.

    2. You will also have a wonderful omakase experience at sushi seki on the UES as well. My husband and I alternate between Yasuda and Seke on special occasions. I agree, it is not the most romnatic experience but it is delicious and a nice time.