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Sep 10, 2009 07:09 PM

New Sherman Oaks Restaurant - Blue Dog Beer Tavern

Stopped by the new restaurant, Blue Dog, when I was on my way to Pick up El Pollo Loco for the Family. The restaurant is in the same little strip center as El Pollo Loco, across from Whole Foods. The space has been deconstructed to expose the original framing from the 1940's. Hence the established 1940's painted on the door. When you walk in there is a bar with counters serving beers on taps, I'm not a big beer drinker, but it looked like a bunch of small name specialty craft beers. The menu consists of salads, Soups sandwiches, burgers and Pizzas and they have tv's showing the games. Nothing on the menu is more expensive than $12.99. While I have not eaten there yet the space is completely captivating and beautiful. It looks like a really great local spot. I look forward to trying it this weekend.

The Blue Dog
4524 Saugus Ave.

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  1. Yet when I saw the name of this place before it opened, I thought it might be trying to be a successor to Weiner Factory, with a focus on craft beers to go with the "dog"! Glad you clarified it a bit.
    Located just south of the World of Wines on Saugus, across from WFM, a strange location indeed. But definitely convenient for lunch for those working in the Sherman Oaks Galleria area.
    ps - beat the buckeyes!

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    1. re: carter

      Seriously, Beat the Buckeyes!

      The restaurant doesn't have a sophisticated menu. But When I saw the space and saw the people inside something clicked inside me. I see this as a neighborhood hangout, something that is not corporate. I really think this place will be a nice addition to people who live in or near Sherman Oaks. I live close by here and for the price I can get my kids meals off the regular menu and not a kids menu. Again, I haven't eaten here yet, but something about this place feels right. I hope the food is good. (crosses fingers and toes) I will try tomorrow night with my wife and three kids in tow.

      Carter btw have you seen the Weiner Factory recently? Major Renovations, Do you know what is going in there?

      1. re: trojans

        It's with a big bag of mixed emotions that I too saw they are ripping the old WF place down...when I drove by and saw the sign on the ground, I knew that my agony would be soon ending.

        (Darn - I can't remember how to link to another thread...I wanted to link to the "Best Hot Dogs in LA" thread, in which I described my torture every time I drive by the old WF).

        Long live WF!

        1. re: GK in SO

          anyone know if they are reopening anyhwere else?

    2. The Blue Dog is owned by the same folks who own Literati and Literati II on the westside. I had the rootbeer bourbon ribs the other night and they were good and lean, though a little sweet for my taste.

      Pink Dot yogurt tried to take over the Weiner Factory space but were shot down because they couldn't figure out the parking. Now it's slated to be a middle eastern place with a patio.

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      1. re: craigbuck1

        The owners also own IHOPs, including Westchester, if I recall correctly.
        Pinkberry Yogurt, not Pink Dot - and the new place will have hookah, too!!!
        Too bad Kevin doesn't reopen Weiner Factory in the Rubin's RedHot space.

      2. I live right around the corner from the Blue Dog location and would love to have another place to go. However, over time my observation has been that the entire strip center has proved to be a doomed location for restaurants. Hope I am wrong...

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        1. re: orythedog

          Orythedog, the only restaurant I know of that has ever been in that center is El Pollo Loco and its still there.

        2. My folks ate there yesterday and said the food, atmosphere and owners were great - they even asked for pictures of the family pooches for the walls. My dad mentioned that they have a wonderful looking beer selection which I can't wait to try.